Many teams repeat the same mistakes, running into the same walls and attempting to avoid the same obstacles with minimal luck. Will we ever design a better way to create great experiences in learning? What if there was a simple process for sketching and prototyping concepts with feedback prior to starting development?

Using design thinking with agile principles can help your team ideate, visualize, test, and gather feedback to create an iterative process to improve your audience’s results. With most of us working remotely, we can apply this vision to create amazing learning experiences focusing on agility, flexibility, adaptability, and individuals. Starting with a need, a concept, or a current implementation, we’ll share how to evaluate, design, and gather feedback to decide how you can best help your audiences. In this session, we’ll break down the steps needed to help you discover how to effectively brainstorm, test, gather feedback, and design quickly with collaboration to transform your experiences. You’ll learn about practical apps, tools, and techniques to create a workflow focusing on your audience. Finally, we’ll look at resources and provide the next steps so that you can implement them immediately after the event.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to use Design Thinking on your next project.
  • Tools and techniques for each step that you can adopt or apply to your current process.
  • How feedback is critical to your project’s success and techniques to document, share, and present information gathered.

Technology discussed:

  • Miro, Figma, Adobe Creative Suite + Apps, 3rd Party, Open Source Tools and Free Resources
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