The learning experience begins and ends at the platform. Many LMS providers offer access to APIs but many people don’t know what an API is or what to do with them. So instead, they go with the default interface, resulting in missed opportunities to connect with their learners effectively. What if organizations could completely control the learner experience in a perfectly branded environment?

In this session, you’ll learn what APIs are and how they are being used to create unique learning experiences tailored for any audience. First, you will learn what functions they can provide and how to interpret them. Next, you will get a chance to see how they are being used in various scenarios—from partner education programs to product education and eCommerce solutions. Finally, this session will provide you with insight into how organizations can have complete control over the learner platform experience and provide a tailored experience that aligns with the company’s branding standards, instructional design workflow, and end-to-end learning experience.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to start planning the design of your optimal learning environment
  • How APIs can enable your organization to seamlessly integrate additional tools into the learning environments
  • How APIs can be leveraged to provide an optimal learning experience
  • How the learner experience can be aligned with branding standards

Technology discussed:

Adobe Captivate Prime

January 4, 2022

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The learning experience begins and ends at the platform. Many LMS providers offer access to APIs but many people don’t know what an API is or […]
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