Have you ever wanted to remove the background to isolate an object in a photo to use within a course but didn’t have the tool or time to complete it? Have you taken notes or have a document that you would like to capture and use for reference in training, a course, or a brainstorming session but cannot get it perfectly aligned? Have you ever wanted to provide feedback quickly; annotate a system, website, or tool; or provide a quick overview to a teammate on how to complete a task, or use a current training element but didn’t have the time to plan, develop, or deliver?
In this session we will look at a handful of tools and provide you with the opportunity to learn, test drive, and experiment to be able to apply them immediately to your next project. I recommend downloading the mobile apps prior to the session. Attendees will receive notes and links to the tools, as well as a guide to use when you get back to your desk.

In this session, you will learn:
Miro.com – Allows you to facilitate, organize, and collaborate for brainstorms, reflections, planning, or feedback (free for up to three boards, and then can be expanded)
Remove.bg – Helps you instantly remove a background
Cleanup.pictures – Lets you remove elements from an image
Adobe Capture – Allows you to create a color palette from any photo, identify a font from any document, and create a pattern from anything around you
Coolors.co – Quickly create a color palette, test for accessibility
Office Lens – Enables you to quickly capture any document or screen at a perfect angle
OpenAi.com – Learning and experimenting with ChatGPT and Dall•E 2
Explain Everything – Create an animated story with graphics, hand drawings, annotations, or a website and export to an mp4 (free and paid versions)

January 24, 2023

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