Digital learning designers and developers are juggling an increasing number of “requirements” to ensure that the digital training programs they create are not only accessible but diverse, representative, and tailored to specific audiences. Yet the most common courseware tools cannot always be counted on to create accessible courses. So what are the options? In an interesting twist, HTML, which was commonly used in the eLearning industry 25 years ago, offers a free and flexible re-emerging tech solution to many of today’s requirements for human-centred digital learning solutions.

In this session you’ll hear how investing time to learn how to adapt and use HTML for digital learning solutions pays off in improved learning experiences for participants. You’ll learn about a series of freely available, fully accessible HTML templates that can be adapted for digital learning solutions. Finally, you’ll see for yourself how having access to a worldwide community of 83 million HTML advocates and problem-solvers can boost your skillset, creativity, and confidence as a digital learning designer or developer, which in turn leads to better learning experiences for everyone involved.

In this session you will learn:

  • Why using free, open-source code is a future-facing solution for creating fully accessible digital learning solutions
  • What accessible, responsive, diverse, and representative digital learning solutions can look like
  • How and where to get started with a series of free HTML tools and templates
  • Where to go for questions, tutorials, and inspiration when creating a digital learning solution with HTML for the first, or 40th, time

Technology discussed:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and GitHub

January 10, 2023

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