Remember when you were last in school and had that big final looming? You were anxiously cramming information into a full head, reading through notes and feverishly reviewing chapters. Then, once the test was over, everything crammed into your brain disappeared. Fast forward. You are outside the walls of University, but the task of learning large amounts of information on a regular basis hasn’t changed. You must absorb sales scripts, expense report policies, and learn new software. It is now clear that formal learning through one-and-done training programs is tedious and ineffective. This is where spaced learning through drip-feeding becomes an indispensable tool.  Evidence supports you are better able to digest and recall information, processes, or procedures if learned in multiple, spread-out learning “drips”. Using drip-feeding as part of your content delivery strategy is easier than you think and your people (and business) will love you for it.

In this session, you’ll learn how spaced learning delivered through drip-feeding can leverage automation to save time and segment your programs to be delivered to the right people at the right time. You’ll discover the flexibility behind delivering drip-feed courses, allowing you to regulate the quality and the quantity of the learning content you provide to your learners. You’ll then explore techniques to turn your training curriculum into drip-content that supports learning reinforcement, and builds anticipation and momentum to gain and keep learner interest. This session will provide you with a foundational framework that will allow you to hit the ground running once back in the workplace, making drip-feed concepts easy to apply in the real world. By using spaced learning to tell your content story through drip-feeding delivery, you are ensuring your content is relevant and truly digestible. Ultimately, you will see an increase in learning curiosity and retention and provide real business value to your learning programs. And who doesn’t want that?

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why spaced learning delivered through drip-feeding is an effective method to enhance “learning stickiness”
  • To practice with a foundational framework to help you build your drip-feed content back in the workplace
  • To discover the four steps to building drip-feed content that builds learner interest and curiosity
  • To investigate the four main tools to deliver your drip-feed: blogs, emails, text messages, and collaboration boards

Technology discussed:

Email delivery, Slack, Chatbots, blog sites

January 4, 2022

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