When the entire world transitioned to virtual training in early 2020, the environment and the expectations both changed. Virtual classroom platforms rapidly updated their features and participant expectations increased. Therefore, designers and facilitators alike need to update their toolsets and skillsets to create engaging virtual learning experiences.

In this hands-on workshop, we’ll explore how to create an engaging virtual learning experience that captures and keeps learner attention. Throughout the morning we’ll focus on design, and in the afternoon, we’ll focus on facilitation. However, both designers and facilitators will benefit from the interlaced topics.

You will learn how to set the stage for interaction, how to open a virtual class, and how to design for collaboration. You will also learn facilitation skills needed to engage remote audiences for learning success. You’ll walk away with a blueprint—practical tools and templates that you can immediately use to create engaging virtual classes.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to open a live event with immediate activity to capture attention
  • To apply five principles of engaging design to each live online event
  • How to select appropriate activities for maximum participant engagement
  • How to design visual aids (including slides) to support attention and engagement
  • About asking inclusive questions to involve everyone in discussion and dialogue
  • How to interpret digital body language to read the virtual room and respond accordingly
  • Best practices in partnering with producers and co-facilitators for smooth delivery and transitions

Technology discussed in this session:

Zoom, WebEx, Adobe Connect

Prerequisite audience knowledge:

A basic understanding of computing concepts (zipping/unzipping files, cutting/pasting, etc.) is required. A general understanding of instructional design methods and models.

Participant technology requirements:

An internet enabled device—we’ll be in and out of several virtual classroom platforms throughout the day (Zoom, WebEx, Adobe Connect, etc.) Note that you don’t need an account on any of these platforms. It’s a platform-agnostic workshop, and the concepts/principles will apply regardless of which one you use. After workshop registration, closer to the date, you’ll receive links to download the most current version of each one to ensure you’re set up and ready to participate!

September 8, 2021

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