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Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see your topic addressed on the exhibitor resource center home page? Read on for additional information to assist you as you prepare for your participation in Learning Solutions 2022.


I am interested in seeing a current floorplan. Where am I able to access a copy?

The floorplan is living document that is subject to change. For the most recent version contact amaxwell@learningguild.com.

How can I add the event logo when promoting my company’s presence at the event?

We have a number of logos and graphics available below that you can use in blog posts, social media posts, email signatures, and other areas to promote your presence at the event. If you use these images, please insure that you maintain the image aspect ratio to prevent them from appearing pixelated.

Please be advised, your use of any logo or graphic implies acceptance of, and agreement with the terms of our logo usage policy. We ask that you kindly review the logo use policy.

My company would like to know more about participating in Demofest.

DemoFest is an attendee favorite and one of the most fun and inspirational activities at DevLearn. This huge, science fair-like event is a collective showcase of eLearning examples from conference participants. Move from table to table, exploring a wide range of learning solutions and discussing tools, tech, and processes with those who built them. Did we mention there are free drinks, too? Don’t miss DemoFest, Thursday, April 21, 5:00p – 6:30p!

Have questions about how this works? We highly recommend visiting the DemoFest FAQ’s page.

To submit a project for consideration (not a product demo) click here.

Please note: Projects are reviewed on a case by case basis. Not all are accepted. Due date to submit projects: March 11, 2022.


Are there additional marketing & promotional opportunities available?

As an exhibitor, you have the ability to purchase additional marketing and promotional opportunities. Please contact Anthony Licata at alicata@learningguild.com for pricing and availability of MPO items.

If you already have a contract for additional marketing & promotional opportunities, you will be receiving a detailed email outlining your specifications and due dates for these items from Aubrey Maxwell. This includes Learning Stage Sessions.

Are attendee lists made available?

The Learning Guild does not sell its attendee lists nor authorized any third party to distribute or sell attendee lists related to Learning Solutions or any Learning Guild event. Any entity claiming otherwise is a scam. If you receive an email offering to sell you a list of DevLearn conference attendees, do not respond to it. By responding, even with a request to unsubscribe, you are confirming that your email address is a valid one. This may increase the likelihood that you will be contacted again.

Helpful tip: There is a Lead Retrieval scanning device for rent within the Exhibitor Service Manual (booth orders) section. We highly recommend that you rent one of these to capture the information of the attendees that visit your booth.

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