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Learning Solutions 2023 Keynotes

Our refreshing lineup of keynote speakers will not only inspire you with incredible stories but will provide you with new ideas and tangible takeaways you can apply to your own work.

Mike Massimino
Former NASA Astronaut, Senior Space Program Advisor and Professor at Columbia University

Mike Massamino’s second spaceflight was the final Space Shuttle servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope. On that mission, Mike was tasked with the in-space repair of a delicate scientific instrument inside of the telescope. A major miscue nearly led to failure. But by leveraging their training, performance support tools, and critical problem-solving skills, the ground control team and the astronauts in space worked together to come up with an innovative solution that saved the day and the mission. Mike explains how although not every problem has an obvious solution, preparation and innovation can help us overcome unforeseen challenges.

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Kate Biderdorf photo

Kate Biberdorf
Professor and Director of Demonstrations and Outreach Department of Chemistry, University of Texas

Dr. Kate Biberdorf is a professor and director of demonstrations and outreach for the Department of Chemistry at University of Texas in Austin. She loves to break stereotypes and blow things up—all in a good pair of heels. Her theatrical, hands-on approach is designed to excite those who are intimidated by science, and demonstrate that science can be entertaining and fun. Noting that there are obstacles facing many women who pursue careers in STEM fields, she is especially interested in inspiring young women to pursue careers in science.

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Steve Burns
Emmy-Nominated Actor & Host, Blues Clues

Steve Burns is an actor best known as the original host (1996-2002) of the long-running children’s preschool television program, Blue’s Clues, for which he was nominated for a Daytime Emmy. The series was rebooted as Blue’s Clues and You, with Burns serving as frequent writer, director, and producer. Also a musician, he collaborates with Grammy award winners The Flaming Lips, with whom he released the critically acclaimed album Songs for Dustmites and Foreverywhere, an album for children. Burns also wrote and performs the theme song for Young Sheldon on CBS. He is a frequent host and storyteller for NPR’s The Moth. Burns appeared in videos for the 25-year anniversary of Blue’s Clues, including a widely watched Twitter video that garnered 30+ million views in less than 24 hours. Today it stands at over 100 million views and counting. As a speaker, Burns refines and re-examines the message of empowerment and exceptionalism he delivered to a generation of children as they struggle today with the demands and realities of adulting.

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Tanya Menon
Professor of Management and Human Resources at Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University

Tanya Menon is professor of management and human resources at Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University. She studies how people think about relationships, and how this affects the way they make decisions, collaborate, and lead at work. Her research has been cited in NPR, the Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune, The Times of London (UK), and the Guardian (UK). She has won multiple teaching awards and has presented keynotes all over the world. Her TED talk ( has more than 1.8 million views and was named one of’s most popular talks of 2018.

Menon holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Harvard University and PhD from Stanford Graduate School of Business. Prior to graduate school, Menon was a research assistant in INCAE Business School in Costa Rica and an intern in Morgan Stanley’s London office.

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