Learning Solutions 2023 Sessions

This year’s Learning Solutions program offers a unique blend of world-class sessions covering organization-wide best practices, how-tos, case studies, and emerging industry trends. Expand your focus with new approaches that fit your needs, get inspired by industry leaders and experts, and develop new skills with hands-on activities.

Dive into sessions that cover topics like:

  • AR & VR
  • Data & Platforms
  • Games & Gamification
  • Emerging Tech
  • Instructional Design
  • Management & Strategy
  • Micro & Workflow Learning
  • Tools & Development
  • Video & Media
  • Virtual Classrooms

Interactive Learning BYOD Sessions

Hands-on Learning BYOD
Hands-on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) sessions allow you to practice new techniques and skills right then and there. You’ll be able to follow the instructor step-by-step so you can ask questions as you go along and perfect your skills before leaving the classroom.

Instructional Design

Fast Tracking Your Branching Scenarios, Christy Tucker

Designing and Developing Learning Products for ILT and VILT Experiences, Hadiya Nuriddin

Interviewing SMEs for Stories, Hadiya Nuriddin

Create Bingeable Content, Vanessa Alzate

Beyond Compliance: Accessibility & Inclusion for Diverse & Global Learners, Mirah Lake

Using Prototypes to Design Global Learning Solutions, Gregg Eiler

Reimagining Micro-Learning with a Practical, Practice First Approach, Jennifer Long

Systems Thinking & Learning Design, Julie Dirksen

“Too Much Text!” But Is It? Research and Tips on Making Text-Based Modules, Matthew McGee

Cognitive Load: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, Kevin Lange

ID Meets UX: Creating Learner Centered, Inclusive, Evidence-Based Designs, Nafiza Akter

Crafting A Participatory Learning Culture, Cassidy Browning

15 UI Design Hacks for an eLearning Fast Facelift, Jennifer Grimes

Technical Training: Yes, It Can Be Engaging!, Chad Neumann

Inclusive Learning Design: Centering Diversity, Racial Equity & Inclusion, Ariana Saunders

Is Your E-Learning Ableist? Accessibility Matters: Leave No Learner Behind, Diane Elkins

Be a Mobile DIVA: Mobile, Diverse, Interactive, Vibrant, Accessible Content, Kari Vara

Enhance Learning Results by Designing with Personas, Jill Stanton

Beyond VILT: Design Dynamic Learning Communities in a Remote Workspace, Melissa Bero

Education vs Training: Never the Twain Shall Meet! But Should They?, Jean Marrapodi

Incorporating Accessibility into the Beginning Stages of Learning Design, David Eifert

Using Story Beats and Comedy Plot Curve for eLearning Scenario Development, Mike Roy

Unlocking Virtual Classrooms: Innovative Instructional Techniques & Tools, Dalia Abbas

BYOD: Writing Scenarios: Compelling Characters and Distinctive Dialogue, Christy Tucker

Development & Tools

Design Thinking: Creating Experiences from Concept to Launch, Nick Floro

Moving Your Storyline Skills to the Next Level, Tracy Parish

Creating Engaging and Interactive Online Orientation, Pamela Gutman

Create Compelling Presentations for Classroom or Virtual Training, Richard Goring

Using Storyline 360 to Build Assessments, Scenarios, and Simulations, Ron Price

How to Write Your First eLearning Storyboard Like a Pro, Tim Slade

How to Develop Quality Training with Limited Resources, Stefani Nixon

Juggling Multiple Spinning Plates: Managing Projects in a Digital World, Kendall Hilaire

Working Smarter: Using Technology to Organize, Automate, and Coach SME’s, Andrew Marsula

BYOD: No LMS? No Problem! Tracking Rise Course Completion, Austin Rutledge

BYOD: Free Tools to Make Your Synchronous Online Learning More Engaging, Diane Gayeski

BYOD: Screen Record a Simple User Interface with Camtasia, Kevin Thorn

BYOD: “Rise” up your Engagement using Articulate Back to Basics, Megan Barnash

BYOD: Impress Your Learners Using Motion Paths and States in Articulate 360, Kim Moran

Video & Media

Beyond the Basics: Creating Scroll-stopping Visuals for eLearning, Mark Lassoff

Once Upon a DIY Budget, I Made a Media-rich Learning Experience, Stephanie Rivera

Enhance Learning and Performance with Videos: Not Just Tutorials, Matthew Pierce

Create Amazing Animated Explainer Videos in 60 minutes or Less, Sarah Dewar

Podcasts in Your Learning Solutions, Betty Dannewitz

No-to-Low Budget Video Capturing & Editing Tools, Tracy Parish

Best Use of Video Storytelling & Assessment Techniques, Phil Vandiver

BYOD: Enough with the PowerPoint: Advanced Design with Adobe Creative Cloud, Mark Lassoff

BYOD: 10 Skills You Need to Be an L&D Video Editor, Barry Nadler

BYOD: Create a Just-in-Time Learning Strategy Using Vyond, Megan Dillon

Games & Gamification

Gamification in Learning: Lessons from Drive-Thru Gamified Training, Poonam Jaypuriya

Streamlining Serious Game Development with Modular Design, Chris Loyd

More Than a Game: Motivating Change Through Behavior-Based Games, Jennifer Yaros

Transform Your Content with Gaming Elements: A Collaborative Exploration, Edward Javor

Can We Gamify Necessary Learning Tasks?, Jonathan May

Micro & Workflow Learning

Making Microlearning Work for Your Organization, Robyn Defelice

Improve Learning Transfer Through Chatbot-delivered Smart Nudges, Vincent Han

The Evolution of Microlearning: Contextual Microlearning, Asif Rehmani

Escape Your LMS: A Case Study in Shifting to Workflow Learning, Enid Crystal & Cleon McClure

Macro To Micro: Turning Big Concepts into Small Content, Shannon Tipton

Management & Strategy

Building Learning Campaigns: Why, How, and Let’s Get Started!, Lynne McNamee

Learning Campaigns: The Principle of 7 Touches, Lynne McNamee

Marketing L&D to Internal Clients: The Competitive Advantage, Tricia Ransom

Learning Engineering: Adapting L&D for the Future of Work and Learning, Jim Goodell

Energize SMEs & Reclaim Time: Presenting Your Ask as Their Opportunity, Sarah Flaherty

Not All Who Wander Are Lost: Using Inquiry-Based Learning to Improve L&D, Cally Mervine

Get Them to Yes:  Tools and Tactics to Get What You Need from Stakeholders, Kandice Kidd

DEIA Awareness to Action: A Review Process for Learning Content, Cammie Bricker

If You Build It, They Will Come: eLearning Portfolio Edition, Ashley Chiasson

eLearning Development Using SAM, Captivate, and Asana, Bill Crose

Cultivating Communities of Practice (CoP), Jane Bozarth

The War Against Isolation: Engaging Your Remote Team Members with Learning, Greggory Wright

Course Mapping Your Way to Success!, Robin Stefani

How to Create and Sustain a Learning and Performance Support Ecosystem, Ger Driesen

Launching Your Micro-Credentialing Strategy, Lynsey Duncan

Agile Instructional Design: Yesterday, Today, & Done, Shaniqua Washington

Recession-proof Learning and Development: Gaining Executive Confidence, Christina Barss

Consulting Hacks for Maximum Impact, Liz Herrick

BYOD: Align Learning & Performance with Your Business, Hannah Brown

Data & Platforms

Need TNT for your LMS? Tips, Nuggets, and Tricks to Alleviate Frustrations, Amy Eno

Get Started with xAPI for Learning Analytics, Megan Torrance

Avoid Dark UX Design Patterns in Your Learning Ecosystem, Chad Udell

Storytelling with Data: Empowering Teams to Make Evidence-Based Decisions, Ben Dworken

You Have Selected an LMS. Now What?, Margharita Nehme

Reskilling for the Future: A Skill-First Approach to Learning, Kathryn Carpenter-Fortin

10 Ways to Convert Your Learning Data into a Story, Marjan Bradesko

Deliver Learning Programs That Matter, Kelly Burns

BYOD: No Code xAPI Implementation, Jeff Batt

Emerging Tech

Navigating Learning and Engagement Strategies with Technology, Barbara Cotes

Welcome to the Metaverse: What Do L&D Professionals Need to Know?, Jennifer Murphy

The Robots Are Here! How AI is Transforming L&D, JD Dillon

Rumba Me This: How Bots & AI Will be Changing the Way We Work, Nancy Munro

Reimagine Gallery Walks for Online/Hybrid Training, Minh Le

FAQs Don’t Work! Here’s Something that Does, Margie Meacham

Creating Future-Proofed, Accessible & Inclusive Digital Courses with HTML, Joanne Etmanski

Virtual Classrooms

Escape Games for Virtual Training: There’s a Recipe for That!, Kassy LaBorie

When Learners Disrupt: Managing Uncivil Behavior in Virtual Classrooms, Lisa Mertes

How to Make Your Virtual Classroom Sessions Work and Keep Learners Engaged, Carole Peterson

VR Simulations in Virtual Classes: A How-To Guide for Facilitators, Cindy Huggett

Embrace Backchanneling: A Deep Dive on Enhanced Feedback, Juan Mavo-Navarro


Building Immersive Learning Experiences with Augmented Reality, Destery Hildenbrand

Designing for Virtual Reality, Debbie Richards

Leverage Augmented Reality to Bring Learning into the Flow of Work, Phoenix Cavalier

Easy VR Storytelling at Scale: Maximizing Impact While Controlling Cost, Kristin Murner

BYOD: Getting Started with Augmented Reality, Destery Hildenbrand

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