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408 10 Ways to Convert Your Learning Data Into a Story

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM
Thursday, April 13

Tracks: Data & Platforms

Stories help people effectively apply what they learn. Stories reflect practical cases, real-life examples. All your training content, if you follow some basic instructional design principles, is augmented with such stories.
However, when it comes to data you collect from your learning solutions, way too often you present the data in a boring, technical, scientific way, probably because you rarely see an attractive presentation of data or because you simply miss some data. Yet, you desperately want to demonstrate the effectiveness of your learning. You want to present the data in an exciting language that will call to action, in a language that will activate your audience (managers, co-workers, learners) so that they will approve more budget, remedy a non-ideal situation, recognize your achievements, or take more learning. You want your data to speak!

This session will help you enrich your learning data, make it eloquent, and wrap it into a compelling story that attracts attention. The session will navigate you through identification, gathering, analyzing, and presenting the data, and will focus on 10 specific opportunities you should not miss. You will learn how to plan and design the data you want to collect, you will get some tips how the data analysis can lead to great stories, and finally, you will learn to present the data through an inspiring story. The session will provide several tips and solutions, augmented by practical examples and stories from a learning and development department. Although you may not be a big fan of data, you will leave the session relieved and armed with solutions that work, are easy to implement, and demonstrate the impact of your efforts.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to design and plan your learning data so that you will be able to wrap it into compelling stories
  • How to demonstrate the impact of your learning solutions even when you miss explicit data
  • How to use data analysis and its visualization as an opportunity to craft your data story
  • The best ways to present your learning data through stories which attract and inspire action in the audience

Marjan Bradeško

Director, Conscia Center of Excellence


Marjan Bradeško, MSc, has spent his career helping people to learn, grow, and share their knowledge. His background in software engineering and networking has enabled him to connect technology with business. Marjan graduated from University of Ljubljana, and is employed by NIL Ltd, part of Conscia. He leads the Conscia Center of Excellence and uses his broad experience (training delivery, content creation, instructor development, sales) in talent and leadership development. Marjan is a proficient learning expert and an enthusiastic speaker. He writes about learning, personal development, technology, and travel, and has authored four books.