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105 Building a Legacy of Learning – Reflections on What Works

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM
Wednesday, April 20

The Go1 team warmly welcomes you to a candid, fireside chat-style conversation moderated by Lauren Waldman of Learning Pirate. Lauren, founder and learning scientist, will be chatting with Patricia Poindexter and Sheilvon Troutman, the learning team from InterPark., who will reveal insights into their organization’s 20-year journey to building a legacy of learning.   

Lauren, Patricia, and Sheilvon will delve into:

  • How the brain processes information, and how that impacts designing and integrating learning technologies
  • How technologies, including learning management systems, need to be constructed with learners and brain function in mind
  • Tips and tricks to reinforce learning, especially in online environments

The InterPark team will also share how they were able to create thoughtful succession plans, inspire a workforce to learn with and from them, and how they’ve navigated the good, the bad, and the most humorous along the way. Come ready to laugh, be inspired, and learn!

Patricia Poindexter

Manager, Training and Administration


Patricia Poindexter is a human resources training professional with over 20 years of experience. She is certified to teach courses by General Electric Crotonville Learning Center and currently lead of training and development for InterPark. Patricia believes that today’s leaders should have a lifelong passion for learning, and her passion is sharing her work experience with employees in ways that make the learning come alive and enrich their work experience, which leads to a better customer experience.

Lauren Waldman

Founder and Learning Scientist

Learning Pirate

Lauren Waldman, founder and learning scientist at Learning Pirate, long possessed an interest in education and learning. Her passion saw her take on the head of learning and development in Canada for Tata Consulting Services, as well as training and development manager for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, which is where a learning pirate should be, on the high seas! Lauren sees herself as a pirate searching for treasure, and that treasure revolves around how we learn. With her background in neuroscience, the treasure we are looking for lies buried in how our brains learn.