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705 A Shift to Virtual Onboarding: A 48-hour Pandemic Pivot

2:45 PM - 3:45 PM
Thursday, April 21

Tracks: Development & Tools

In early March 2020, we didn’t know just how much our lives and work would be changed forever. The coronavirus had spread throughout the world, and workplaces across the globe were scrambling feverishly to get work done in a new and unfamiliar way. How have organizations adopted learning and development in this massive shift? What new processes were implemented? Which worked and which did not?

In this session, you will learn how Cleveland Clinic, a global healthcare system, pivoted in 48 hours from an in-person onboarding model to design, implement, communicate, and measure the successful onboarding of more than 9,000 employees (annually) virtually. We will share our early wins, lessons learned, and vision for the path forward. We will also present a detailed roadmap of the development and implementation process to provide a potential blueprint for others interested in transitioning to a virtual onboarding experience or for those looking to implement big-scale organizational changes in a short timeframe.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Who was included at the planning table to ensure the implementation was a success
  • About the barriers we faced due to the limitations of technology
  • About the rapid design and development model used to guide the program’s development and implementation
  • What technologies were used to design and implement the program to overcome the barriers
  • How we measured and compared success for the in-person experience versus the virtual experience
  • How we are using what we learned to inform and design our next iteration

Technology discussed:

Articulate Rise, TemboSocial, Workday, Totara

Elizabeth Kohler

Social Learning & Collaboration Architect

Cleveland Clinic

Elizabeth Kohler, BS, MEd, is a social learning & collaboration architect in Cleveland Clinic’s Mandel Global Leadership & Learning Institute. As part of the collaboration and learning technologies team, Elizabeth has helped implement and grow the organization’s social learning and collaboration platform, transformed the onboarding experience for new caregivers, and redesigned mandatory compliance training to improve the learning experience.

Christopher Stormer

Learning Technology Architect

Cleveland Clinic

Christopher Stormer is a learning systems administrator and trained educator with experience in higher ed, K-12, and the nonprofit and healthcare sectors. He’s focused on using technology to help achieve learning goals. He is currently a learning technology architect in the Mandel Global Leadership and Learning Institute at Cleveland Clinic, helping to tie together an expanding variety of learning and collaboration tools.