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707 Agile Instructional Design: Yesterday, Today, and Done

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Thursday, April 13

Tracks: Management & Strategy

Have you and your team tried out one of the Agile frameworks and found that you could use more help with project management? Using the Scrum process can be a great solution for promoting teamwork, improving communication, and gaining results in less time.

In this session, I’ll show you how my team integrated the Scrum process into our daily tasks and how we achieve our goals as a fully remote team. Follow me as I take you through my team’s adaptation of Scrum using Microsoft Teams. You’ll start off by taking a deep dive into how we use Teams features such as the calendar, Teams channels, posts, and meet to organize project management. Then, I’ll discuss sprint planning and how we update the product backlog and user stories, manage PTO hours for our team, and use the sprint roadmap to organize our upcoming projects. Next, you’ll get to see how we kick off a sprint with user stories, how we measure the time and complexity of each project within a sprint, and our definition of done. I’ll also walk you through our daily meetings using the Scrum board to communicate the status of each project and showcase how we self-manage projects with individual tasks or roadblocks with the Scrum team. Once we’ve reached the end of a sprint, I’ll show you how we host and present our sprint demo to management. Last, you’ll see how we use Microsoft Word for sprint retrospective to reflect on the sprint and how this ongoing process influences the next sprint. You’ll leave this session with a full understanding of how to manage your projects and meet your team’s goals.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to adopt the Scrum process and be fully remote
  •  How to use Microsoft Teams to organize the workflow of Scrum and project management
  •  Tips for using the features and tools in Microsoft Teams to implement Scrum
  • How to use Agile Scrum methodology to work collaboratively as a team to reach goals

Technology discussed: Microsoft Teams, Excel , Word, Kindle: The Power of Scrum by Jefferey V. Sutherland PhD

Penny Bonny

Instructional Designer / Product Owner


Shaniqua Washington

Instructionl Designer II

Xactware (Verisk)

Shaniqua Washington is an instructional designer II for Xactware (Verisk), where she helps create learning content to transform how learners use the organization’s latest software and products. She began her career in secondary education, where she encouraged students to excel using a flipped classroom, projects, and gamified learning. While teaching, she hosted workshops for the Alabama Department of Archives & History that invited educators across the state to learn how to implement local history and places into the scope of national historical events.