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P07 Building Learning Campaigns: Why, How, and Let’s Get Started

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Tuesday, April 11

Many times great learning initiatives are developed but never consumed or adopted because people aren’t aware of the availability of a course or training opportunity. What if we could better prepare our learners for the content to be presented? What if we could improve engagement? What if we could improve behavior change?

In this session, we’ll explore why learning campaigns are the solution to raising awareness, engagement, and adoption of learning content. You’ll start building a learning campaign with learner personas and mapping out the learning journey. You’ll create a resource of promotional channels available for your organization, set up an inventory management plan, establish a calendar for your initial learning campaign, determine how you want to develop and implement content at scale, identify what you want to measure and report on, and what defines success. You’ll leave this session with a framework for your first learning campaign, templates for launching the campaign, and a network of peers ready to support you in leveraging this approach to learning initiatives.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why learning campaigns are valuable for advancing learning and business goals
  • What makes up a successful learning campaign
  • How to create a learning campaign and implement it at scale
  • Strategies for setting up testing and tracking
  • How to leverage successful marketing techniques to promote and enhance your learning efforts

Technology discussed:

Spreadsheet (Excel, Google Sheets, or similar), word processing (Word, Google Docs, or similar), content authoring tool (PowerPoint, Articulate, or similar), Canva, HubSpot

technology requirements:

Laptop with internet connection

Lynne McNamee


Lone Armadillo Marketing Agency

Lynne McNamee is the president of Lone Armadillo Marketing Agency. She has managed marketing campaigns for companies such as Avis, HP, and Bank of America, and recently was the marketing director for Bluewater, consultants for learning, talent, and human capital management. Lone Armadillo Marketing Agency, which Lynne founded in 2008, specializes in strategy, plans, processes, and tactical execution of multi- and omni-channel marketing programs for B2B entrepreneurial companies. She has been a HubSpot partner since 2011. She was cited by The New York Times for innovations in marketing.