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1007 But You HAVE Heard of Me!: Making Your Training Memorable

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Friday, April 22

Tracks: Instructional Design

Making your live and on-demand training entertaining and relatable has been shown to increase learner comprehension and retention. By creating something memorable and sprinkling in some entertainment, you will transform your andragogy to include more engaging development methods and give your learners a personal relationship with your material.

In our session, you will learn how to fly (metaphorically speaking) by creating engaging and enriching content that will help increase your learners’ short- and long-term comprehension. We will cover several methods of engaging your learners through surveys, game shows, videos, and choose your own adventure scenarios. We will inspire your inner goofball by adding a flair of entertainment while incorporating pop culture references, Easter eggs, company-specific references, and playful whimsy into your material to make it more memorable. Whether you use virtual reality, Articulate 360, Microsoft PowerPoint, eBooks, or leftover pieces of crayon on your lunch napkin, you will be able to apply these wonderful, fabulous, amazing, delightful, and entertraining concepts to your courses.  Your training might not be superior, but it can be a little more entertraining.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to increase learner retention in your training
  • Why adding playful and humorous elements into your training can make it entertaining
  • Why these methods are effective in helping boost learner retention
  • How you can use any several delivery methods to create engaging content
  • How to apply creative techniques to make your course more memorable

Technology discussed:

Articulate Storyline, Kahoot, Microsoft PowerPoint

Aly Gillen

eLearning Developer, Instructional Designer

Hitachi Vantara

Aly Gillen began her career at Hitachi Vantara as a technical writer. This unrooted a deep interest in making training exciting and engaging and led to her growth as an education developer. She holds a BA in English and has written over half a dozen novels.

Chris Perez

Senior eLearning Developer

Hitachi Vantara

Chris Perez, senior eLearning developer, got involved in education/training development with Hitachi Vantara in 2002. Chris focuses on web-based training development, video production, graphic design, HTML development, and learning technology consultation.