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102 BYOD: Getting Started With Augmented Reality

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM
Wednesday, April 12

Tracks: AR & VR

With augmented reality available in both consumer and professional areas, it is essential for content creators in all facets of learning design to fully understand what it is, where to use it, and how to get started. We have reached the point where this is no longer nice-to-have technology in our toolbox. It’s become a must-have as we continue to grow our learning offerings. Planning and creating AR content is easier than ever before. By taking your existing skillset and thinking about the solution differently, you will be on your way to ideating and rapidly developing augmented reality content for your learners. 

This session will explore augmented reality and its fit for your organization’s blended learning approach. We will define AR and look at detailed use cases for application in learning. We will explore where AR is used today in different industries, including aviation, automotive, and healthcare. We will be hands-on developing as a group to ideate an AR project inside a shared storyboard. Then we will rapidly develop that idea using a low-cost, no-code, cloud-based development tool. Once completed, you will deploy this experience outside the conference for demos and continued creativity. This session will wrap up by providing resources on continuing your AR journey and how best to encourage your clients, organization, and friends’ adoption and use of augmented reality.

In this session you will learn:

  • Where using AR makes sense in your learning experiences
  • What software and resources are available for creating AR experiences
  • How to build an immersive AR experience
  • What you need to know about the future of AR
  • Where to go from here

Technology discussed:

Mobile devices, Zapworks designer, Spark AR, Zapbox

Participant technology requirements:

Laptop and a mobile device

Destery Hildenbrand

XR Solution Architect


Destery Hildenbrand is an XR solution architect with Intellezy. Destery has over 17 years of experience in training and development and seven years focusing on immersive technologies. Destery has spent time in corporate environments and higher education, working on how to integrate augmented and virtual reality for everyday use. Destery’s primary focus is helping organizations plan, design, and develop engaging learning experiences through Immersive technology.