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602 BYOD: “Rise” Up Your Engagement Using Articulate Back to Basics

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Thursday, April 13

Tracks: Development & Tools

Tired of the same old boring training courses? Aren’t we all!?

Have you been tasked with creating a course for your company? Not sure where to start or how to even build a course? Join us as we go on a journey together to strengthen your skills in course building. Articulate Rise 360 is a cloud-based application that lets you create stylish, interactive courses in minutes. No longer do you need to know triggers and transitions. You’ll leave this session with a full course, start to finish, and maybe even gain a little more confidence than you had before. Time to step up your training engagement.

Using Articulate Rise 360, we will amp up any basic training to the next level. This session will focus on building your first Rise 360 course. We will utilize a mapping file to establish our core content and identify how we want our information expressed. We will then go step-by-step for the beginner level user on how to build a course, start to finish. Finally, we will utilize Review 360 to share our course and gather feedback from our peers. Rise 360 is an amazing platform for first-time course builders. Are you ready to Rise up?

In this session you will learn:

  • How to take your mapping file and create a course
  • To develop engaging interactives based on your SME’s content
  • New ways to present information from SME’s
  • To review your course build using peer feedback

Technology discussed:

Rise 360

Participant technology required:

Any device that has internet connection

Vicki Anderson

Technical Training Manager


Vicki Anderson specializes in digital literacy, technology integration, distance learning, eLearning, and innovation in teaching and learning. After teaching high school English for many years, Vicki moved to a district position as a K- 12 instructional technology coach. She earned her master of education degree in educational technology from Arizona State University, where she now teaches EdTech courses. Vicki currently works as technical training manager and LMS admin for Netwrix, a cybersecurity solutions company. She is a Google Workspace for Education Certified Trainer, Articulate 360 super user, and an SAP Litmos administrator.

Robin Stefani

Director of Technical Enablement


Robin Stefani, director of technical enablement at Netwrix, brings 20 years of education experience and has worked with Netwrix products in technical enablement for 10 years, writing guides and creating training. Robin’s primary responsibility is to enable customers to take full advantage of their Netwrix products.