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411 BYOD: Technical Training in Rise 360

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Wednesday, April 20

Tracks: Development & Tools

Series: BYOD

Rise 360 is such an amazing and versatile tool for elearning. And Storyline 360 is such a jaw-dropping tool for screen recordings (and more, of course). Can we take the best of both worlds and combine them? How can we incorporate some pretty powerful software simulations that we can build in Storyline 360 into Rise 360? What does it take to connect both applications to get the most out of your online courses?

In this workshop, you will learn how to create a short software simulation using the View/Try mode in Storyline 360. You’ll then learn how to publish and upload that screen recording to Review 360 for feedback and comments. From there, we’ll discuss how you can add that screen recording from Review 360 into Rise 360, which includes which Rise widgets to use and where to place those simulations within your Rise course. We will also explore how the Storyline simulation performs in a Rise course. All the while, learning tips and tricks along the way!

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to create a short screen recording in Storyline 360
  • How to identify some of the best practices for incorporating your Storyline 360 project into Rise 360
  • How to publish your course to Review 360
  • How to insert your Storyline 360 project into Rise 360

Technology discussed:

Rise 360, Review 360, Storyline 360, Windows 8 or 10

Participant technology requirements:

Attendees will need to bring laptops with Articulate 360 active and Storyline 360 active and installed. Attendees also must be able to connect to the internet provided by the conference, or a personal hotspot.

Stefanie Lawless

VP Training

Yukon Learning

Stefanie Lawless, vice president of training at Yukon Learning, manages the world-renowned Training Team of Articulate and eLearning experts who provide certified training for the Articulate 360 suite of tools. She also works closely with certified, strategic international training partners to ensure continued expertise in the tools, consistency in delivery, and timely asset management. Stefanie has spent more than 15 years in the training industry, designing training materials for various modalities and developing eLearning courseware for organizations worldwide. She holds a BS in information technology and an MBA from Western Governors University.