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P06 BYOD: xAPI Implementation for Beginners

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Tuesday, April 19

You have been hearing about xAPI for years, you probably already see how it can benefit your company, but how do you get started? How do you develop a strategy for your company, and better yet, implement that strategy using tools you already have? You may be ready to just move past the basic understanding of xAPI and actually start implementing and using it within your company.

In this workshop we go past just understanding what xAPI is and its benefits, and talk about how to implement it within your organization. We will cover how to create an xAPI strategy document that defines what learning verbs you will be using within your organization. We will then cover how to format your xAPI statements correctly and how to trigger those statements at the right moment, no matter the authoring tool you use. Next, we’ll dive deep into working with that data inside your LRS to make it more consumable for all stakeholders, and how you can create relationships between different data points to see how learners are working with your learning content. Finally, we will cover how to use historical learning data to personalize future learning for each learner. This full day workshop goes well beyond just understanding xAPI and gives you more than five working examples to take back to your company and implement right away.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to create an xAPI strategy document
  • How to correctly format your xAPI statements
  • How to work with the data in the LRS to make meaningful relationships
  • How to use xAPI data to personalize future learning experiences

Technology discussed in this session:

xAPI, JavaScript, Storyline, Captivate

Prerequisite audience knowledge:

Some JavaScript is helpful but not necessary. Code snippets will be provided.

Participant technology requirements:

Just a laptop with an authoring tool and code editor.

Jeff Batt

DevLearn Program Manager

The Learning Guild / Learning Dojo

Jeff Batt has 12+ years of experience in the digital learning and media industry. Currently Jeff Batt is the DevLearn Program Manager for The Learning Guild. He helps create and coordinate the conference programs to deliver the highest and most relevant content for L&D professionals. He is also the founder and trainer at Learning Dojo, a company dedicated to training you to become a software ninja in a variety of eLearning, web, and mobile-related software applications. Jeff often speaks on developmental technologies such as xAPI, HTML5, augmented reality, mobile development, eLearning development tools, and more.