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211 BYOD: Create High Performing Teams by Fostering a ‘Growth Mindset’ Culture

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Wednesday, April 20

Tracks: Management & Strategy

According to Stanford psychologist Dr. Carol Dweck, a growth mindset is based on a belief that you can increase talent, ability, and even intelligence through curiosity, learning, and discipline. When new teams form or an organizational restructure occurs, leading and influencing a growth mindset culture, especially in a virtual environment, can be challenging. How might you build a growth mindset culture that engages employees and empowers teams to disrupt and innovate, so you see more leadership potential in your employees?

This session will teach you various techniques that empower a growth mindset culture to flourish in a virtual environment, such as building squads, team chat rooms, and social media shoutouts. You’ll review examples of how team influencers demonstrate the mindset of “progress not perfection” and “learn fast, learn often” with teach-back sessions and team huddles. You’ll use design thinking methods to brainstorm ways to build a work-family culture that encourages others to innovate, succeed, and address challenges as a team, then compare them with your session peers. You’ll leave with a playbook to reference all the ideas and methods shared so you can confidently use them with your team to start fostering a thriving growth mindset culture.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to build a work-family culture, so the team members trust and listen to each other
  • What it means to be an influencer and how individual contributors can also be leaders
  • How to encourage innovation powered by professional development and creative thinking
  • How to celebrate progress and address challenges as a team

Technology discussed:

mural.co, MS Teams

Participant technology requirements:

Laptop (preferred) or mobile device that can access a browser.

Elizabeth Dorcas

Director Global Services Learning Design & Development

Johnson & Johnson

Elizabeth Dorcas is the head of global training design & development for Johnson & Johnson Global Services. Elizabeth is an accomplished learning leader who brings over 20 years of expertise and leadership in training strategy, design, and development. Prior to joining Johnson & Johnson, Elizabeth spent over 10 years at IBM. She holds a master’s degree in instructional technology from the University of South Florida.

Courtney Eagan

Manager, Global Training Quality Assurance & Testing

Johnson & Johnson

Courtney Eagan is the quality assurance manager for learning design & development at Johnson & Johnson Global Services. She leads a team of quality assurance specialists responsible for partnering with designers and developers to ensure all learning products are defect-free and promote engaging learning experiences. Before joining J&J, Courtney worked in various operations roles with expertise in finance, quality, and risk management. Courtney holds an undergraduate degree in economics and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in organizational leadership from Michigan State University.