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404 DEIA Awareness to Action: A Review Process for Learning Content

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM
Thursday, April 13

Tracks: Management & Strategy

As learning leaders and culture creators we know the importance of providing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) training to educate our teams and create a welcoming environment for everyone. But what if these practices are not reflected in the content we design, regardless of the topic? We can make an impact and shape how we approach, represent, and include various elements of human diversity while fostering a culture of belonging that helps all groups be socially accepted, welcomed, and treated fairly. It’s essential to recognize the vast diversity of all those who’ll engage with the training, and the many aspects of human diversity such as ability, language, culture, gender, and age.

In this session, you will discover how a DEIA learning content review process can help you create more intentional content and imagery that supports inclusion while also identifying labels or content that may be unintentionally harmful and reinforces stereotypes. You will define what is important for your review process, including what type of content should be reviewed, who should review it and why, and considerations of different elements and applications of inclusive and intentional design. We’ll explore gendered language, social stereotypes, scenarios/examples, and course text. You will discover tips for successfully implementing a review process, influencing stakeholders, and driving design changes.  Throughout the session we will share the practices we employed as a case study to apply to your current organizational practices.

In this session you will learn:

  • To articulate the ‘why’ behind inclusive and intentional learning content review process
  • How a review process acts as a method to supporting DEIA internal content and imagery
  • How to generate review process content criteria and scope guidelines
  • Tips for implementing a review process, influencing stakeholders, and driving design changes
  • To create balance between reviewing content and using a wide versus narrow lens

Technology discussed:

Project management software Monday.com

Cammie Bricker

Director of Change Management and Communication


Cammie Bricker, currently the change management & communications director for Paylocity, has over 15 years of HR experience, including L&D, employee relations, change management, and internal communications. She has worked for technology and HCM companies, supporting contact centers, and customer experience through learning design and strategy and employee development. She has an M.A.P – I/O Psychology and an MEd in advanced learning technology.

Kelly Johnson

Manager Interactive Learning Design


Kelly Johnson, manager for interactive design at Paylocity, has 12+ years as an L&D professional in instructional design and organizational development. She brings in experience across various industries including global health care, manufacturing, and financial services. Kelly has a master’s in industrial-organizational psychology. She is focused on enterprise-wide and client programs and pushing forward innovative approaches to instructional design and inclusive design.