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908 Deliver Learning Programs That Matter

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Friday, April 14

Tracks: Data & Platforms

Learning programs, teams, and initiatives often get cut because of a failure to prove value. And it’s not for lack of trying! Often, program leaders put in Herculean effort just to maintain the status quo, let alone prove value and secure additional resources. If this sounds familiar, know that you are not alone. The good news is that there is a way to make your program bulletproof: by taking a data-driven approach to defining goals, selecting solutions, and measuring success. By taking the time to define goals that fix actual problems, offer the right solution for the problem at the right time in the right way, and connect your program’s success to business impact, you can set your program up for success. So don’t give up hope; take actionable steps to ensure that your program delivers real value tomorrow.

In this session you’ll learn how to prove the value of your programs and interventions to ensure future investment and growth. To begin, we will explore ways to break down broad aspirations into discrete problem statements and learn how to connect those problem statements to objective, measurable goals, followed by choosing the best solutions to reach the defined goals. Next, we’ll learn how to connect those outcomes to business focus areas and communicate program success in a way that generates future investment. We’ll learn to use a standardized scoring matrix to evaluate learning program dissolution risks. When you leave,  you’ll be able to use your findings to change the perception of your program, gain credibility with stakeholders, and move your programs from debatable narratives into irrefutable proof of success.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to differentiate between organization problems and organization aspirations
  • How problem statements empower you to prove learning program value
  • How to set objective, measurable goals for any problem
  • The importance of connecting program goals to business success
  • Why communication is vital for program reputation and future investment
  • How to evaluate your learning programs using a program safety scoring matrix that will identify if your program or team is at risk of dissolution

Technology discussed:

LRS/LMS/LXP, HR software systems, data visualization platforms (Data Studio/Tableau)

Kelly Burns

Lead Instructional Designer


Kelly Burns is an experienced instructional design leader with years dedicated to developing high-performing learning and development (L&D) teams. As the founder of Violu Learning, LLC, she continues to share her knowledge and wisdom through coaching, classes, and her blog at LearnBurns.com. Kelly is passionate about return on investment (ROI) and will travel to any corner of the world if there’s Wi-Fi and coffee.