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705 Designing Engaging Multimedia Content for Online Audiences

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Thursday, April 21

Tracks: Video & Media

As a learning designer, you are always looking for new and different ways to engage audiences that often involves multimedia content—from podcasts to videos. With telework becoming the norm, demand has increased for online resources, produced quickly. This may require you to upgrade your knowledge of media production or to collaborate with production companies. So, what are the best practices you can turn to for developing content quickly and efficiently?

In this session, you will learn the basics of media production: Establishing a “look and feel” for your product, writing a script and creating an edit decision list. We’ll discuss the essential tools you should include in your production toolbox—from AI transcription services to one-stop services for easy access to stock music and video templates. And we’ll take a look at emerging online trends. For those who are working with a production company, we’ll walk through the communication techniques you need to collaborate effectively, as well as what you should be prepared to share for them to fulfill your vision on schedule.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The key elements of a good media product
  • How to identify the best and easiest to use tools for media production
  • How to establish a clear template or storyboard
  • The best language to use to communicate when working with external service providers
  • The key components of a good script or outline

Technology discussed:

Macbook Pro, Motion Array, Trint, AirTable, Excel, Adobe Premiere

Amen Jafri

Multimedia Producer

Canada School of Public Service

Amen Jafri is a multimedia producer at the Canada School of Public Service. She has previously worked at CPAC and APTN, as well as been a mentor and coordinator for the DOC Institute’s inaugural Short Film Lab. As a doc filmmaker and producer by night, her works have been shortlisted for the TVO Short Doc Contest and screened for CBC, TVO, the American Documentary Film Festival, and more.