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112 Developing Your Organization’s Innovation Culture Through Storytelling

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM
Wednesday, April 12

Tracks: Management & Strategy

As companies strive to become more innovative, they seek out the tools their teams need to foster unique thinking, ideate new products, and quickly develop breakthrough products or services. One essential—yet often underutilized—tool is storytelling. By harnessing the power of storytelling, companies can accelerate innovation and build innovation cultures. Emerging innovation storytelling cultures clearly link the power of storytelling to innovation outcomes. The most mature cultures strategically embed practices and processes that engage employees across the enterprise. By doing so, organizations can see up to a 15X ROI through faster and more effective storytelling. Attendees will gain insight into Untold Content’s Innovation Storytelling Maturity Model™ and be introduced to two key strategies that leverage the power of storytelling to fuel innovation cultures. If you’re looking to strengthen your organization’s innovation culture, don’t miss this talk.

In this session you’ll learn about the importance of storytelling within innovation cultures. We’ll review key questions to uncovering your organization’s innovation storytelling maturity and why it’s critical to know how your organization can further leverage the power of story to inspire your innovators. We’ll introduce two key strategies you can use within your organization to grow and strengthen your innovation culture: the innovation storytelling narrative and story-sharing rituals. These two elements of innovation storytelling can create cross-functional alignment and inspire widespread innovation across the organization to drive forward innovation objectives.

In this session you will learn:

  • Three key metrics on the power of storytelling within innovation cultures
  • How to assess your organization’s innovation storytelling maturity
  • Two key strategies to use storytelling to fuel innovation cultures

Meredith Singleton

Chief Strategy Officer


Meredith Singleton is Untold’s chief strategy officer, developing and leading the strategic growth and development of Untold’s innovation storycrafting, innovation storytelling training and culture development experiences, and instructional design services. With a PhD in technical and professional communication, Meredith is also a senior content strategist and writer supporting clients in technical and medical industries. She is an expert innovation storyteller and serves as one of the lead facilitators of the Innovation Storytelling Training experience delivering to clients such as NASA, Boeing, and Sonoco. She has supported instructional design and online learning at Merck, Fischer Homes, Tulane, and many others.