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501 BYOD: eLearning Development Using SAM, Captivate, and Asana

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Thursday, April 13

Tracks: Management & Strategy

Developing eLearning requires many skills and activities that must be managed across multiple political and technical constituencies. Managing those skills and activities to meet a deadline and budget is difficult, as evidenced by 70% of all projects failing. What can an eLearning project manager do to dramatically increase their odds of success? What are the biggest errors to avoid? How does using the SAM eLearning development technique contribute to project success?

In this session, you will be introduced to key project management and eLearning development skills and strategies that can lead to more fun and successful eLearning development projects under your management. You’ll learn what rules are essential for every project, how to use software like Asana to manage project work, how to use cloud storage like Google Drive to organize project documents, when to leverage templates provided by the presenter, and how to apply the SAM model to develop eLearning.

In this session you will learn:

  • The most essential project management terminology and skills as applied to eLearning content development
  • What rules to establish at the outset of each of your projects, which will eliminate or greatly mitigate communication and political issues associated with your projects
  • High-level features of the Asana project management software application
  • How to use cloud storage (Google Drive) to support eLearning content development projects
  • How to use (free) templates to accelerate eLearning project completion, and reduce and mitigate project risks and issues
  • How to plan an eLearning development project using the SAM (Successive Approximations Model) program development technique

Technology discussed:

SAM (as applied to eLearning development projects), Asana (project management software), Google Drive (cloud storage)

Participant technology requirements:

Laptop computer

Bill Crose



Bill Crose is the founder and CEO of Adyton and inventor of the Pythia performance enablement, performance assurance, and continuous improvement system. He holds two patents for learning technologies, is the former Global Learning Technology Manager for InterContinental Hotels Group, and was the Learning Technology Strategist for UnitedHealthcare. Bill has a master’s degree in instructional design from Western Michigan University where he studied under ATD and ISPI Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Dr. Robert Brinkerhoff.