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EXPOC103 eLearning Strategies and Technologies to Blend in 2023 for Maximum Impact

12:00 PM - 12:30 PM
Wednesday, April 12

Series: Innovations & Strategies

With the big shift in the world of work from offline to online, the learning needs and priorities have also shifted. The most affected function in this new world of work is L&D. We can see two significant changes: a more mixed workforce with different learning needs and goals, and an increased dependence on technology with everything going digital and online. This has led to newer problems that require innovative solutions.

This session will explore different eLearning strategies and technologies that can be blended to solve new problems of the hybrid workforce and help you adapt to the changing times. We will look at how blending different learning strategies and technologies can engage learners and encourage growth within the organization. The session will also look at what data and analytics you should collect and how you can derive learning insights from them.

In this session you will learn:

  • Which eLearning strategies and technologies can be blended for better learning experiences and outcomes
  • How to engage talent and encourage growth within the organization
  • How learning platforms can help you create memorable learning experiences and continuous learning journeys

Technology discussed:

KREDO Learning Platform

Suresh Kumar DM


Tesseract Learning

Suresh Kumar DM, founder and CEO of Tesseract Learning, is a learning professional with 18+ years of experience with deep interests in learning strategy, design, and technology. He works with global customers, understanding their business challenges and proposing optimal learning solutions to enhance employees’ performance and drive business growth.