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410 Enhance Learning and Performance with Videos: Not Just Tutorials

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM
Thursday, April 13

Tracks: Video & Media

When we think of videos in L&D we often think of tutorials or information sharing, but there are a variety of ways video can be used. This session will look at how video can be used to strengthen L&D, performance support, onboarding, knowledge capture, and more. The focus is not to teach the steps of video creation, but to focus on the various ways that videos can be used throughout an organization to support learning and performance.

During the session we will focus on how video can be used in various ways to enhance a variety of learning functions, including in-person training, performance support, employee growth, and enhanced feedback and follow-up. We’ll also take a brief look at how these skills transfer to other parts of the business, including things like how empowering staff to use video to capture knowledge and share information can fill in learning gaps and prevent organizational “brain drain” as we continue through the great resignation and potentially recession. This is less of a session about how to make videos and much more of a look at the business impact video can have and how as a skillset, it can be a benefit to those responsible for learning and development, performance improvements, sales training, and more.

In this session you will learn:

  • How video can be used in L&D and supporting functions
  • Videos styles and approaches that can add value to L&D, HR, or other functional areas attendees work in
  • Measurements that can used to help determine impact  of videos across a variety of uses
  • An exercise to identify at least one area video will support the attendees organization

Matthew Pierce

Learning & Video Ambassador


Matthew Pierce, learning & video ambassador from TechSmith, has created videos for learning and marketing for over a decade. He is the lead behind TechSmith Academy, a free platform teaching video and image creation for business, which has been used by tens of thousands of users. He is host of The Visual Lounge Podcast from TechSmith, which streams live on Youtube and LinkedIn weekly. Matthew is a regular speaker at multiple learning and development-focused conferences and is a regular contributor to various training publications.