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209 Escape Games for Virtual Training: There’s a Recipe for That!

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Wednesday, April 12

Tracks: Virtual Classrooms

Learning online is now commonplace. Unfortunately, engaging attendees to participate, to come on camera, and to unmute can be like “herding cats,” as the saying goes. Engagement in the virtual classroom and in webinars remains a challenge. Getting virtual attendees to willingly participate and be an active part of their learning still escapes many trainers. Establishing a comfortable, safe, and technically sound online learning environment is essential. Meaningful and relevant activities are the secret.

In this session we will experience an escape game used in virtual training, as well as at least four more interactive and collaborative activities that get participants to take an active role in their online learning experience. The emphasis will be on active participation, stories, examples, sharing, and a whole lot of fun! Through demonstration, active participation, small group work, and debrief discussions, people will learn how they can transform their virtual learning programs. Like tasty treats and fresh catnip, attendees will be unable to resist actively participating in your virtual training when you use escape game strategies, irresistible learning activities, and a “never fail” debrief strategy to help them reflect.  Invite participants to take charge of their learning and experience virtual training like they’ve never seen before.

In this session you will learn:

  • To analyze two versions of an escape game sample used in virtual training to apply to your own escape game designs
  • Four more ready-to-use virtual learning activity examples that you can adapt and use immediately
  • How the “never fail” debrief strategy creates reflection, validation, and encouragement
  • To use the virtual training hero’s recipe for virtual training success to design and deliver your own virtual training

Technology discussed:

Zoom, Teams, Webex, Adobe Connect, PowerPoint, Mentimeter, GotoTraining

Kassy LaBorie

Principle Consultant, Author, and The Original Virtual Training Hero

Kassy LaBorie Consulting

Kassy LaBorie is a master virtual classroom trainer and the original virtual training hero, on a mission to rid the world of boring slide reading lectures and passive live online participants! She’s the principal at Kassy LaBorie Consulting, certifying L&D professionals to become virtual trainers, designers, and producers around the globe each day.