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606 Escape Your LMS: A Case Study in Shifting to Workflow Learning

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Thursday, April 13

Tracks: Micro & Workflow Learning

We all know one-and-done training doesn’t stick, and it’s hard for learners to find time for learning. But does your L&D organization have the tools, resources, or know-how to shift to the gold standard of workflow learning? 

In this case study session we’ll share how our team at Becton Dickinson repurposes existing resources and leverages inexpensive, readily-available tools to support learning in the flow of work. AND we’ll give you insights so you can do it, too! You’ll see the framework for how to make the transformation from a training-first organization to a performance-focused approach despite a small budget, short timelines, and using existing tools. You’ll see our journey from a clunky LMS to a performance-focused, continuous learning culture where employees quickly and easily obtain the information they need, when they need it. You’ll learn the model we use with our business stakeholders to illustrate learning for the “performance zone” and the tools we used to transform existing training assets, such as turning recorded VILT sessions into short, on-demand ebooks and microlearning that meet employee needs. You’ll walk away with insights, frameworks, and our top tips for success, as well as a list of pitfalls to avoid, based on our real-world experiences.

In this session you will learn:

  • Why today’s modern workforce craves a performance-focused learning approach
  • How to redesign existing learning assets to meet your learners’ 5 moments of learning need
  • How to avoid pitfalls as you transition from a training-first culture to performance-focused learning
  • How to develop power users/business champions to keep momentum going
  • How to leverage low-cost tools and techniques to produce useful ebooks and microlearning
  • How to create attractive, user-focused learning sites within MS Teams/Modern Sharepoint

Technology discussed:

MicroSoft Teams/Modern SharePoint, FlipSnack, Articulate Replay, Articulate Rise

Enid Crystal

Learning Experience Designer

Enid Crystal Consulting

Enid Crystal is an independent learning experience designer with extensive experience in designing, developing and implementing performance-focused learning solutions. Prior to becoming an independent learning consultant, Enid was 20+ years in corporate learning and development, working for large global organizations including Blackrock, Pfizer, and MetLife, covering a wide array of industries such as insurance, pharmaceutical, medical devices, and financial services.

Cleon McClure

Learning Design and Development Consultant

Cleon McClure is a learning design and development consultant with 20+ years of L&D experience. Most recently he was manager of global regulatory operations for Becton Dickinson, leading their Learning Center of Excellence. Cleon focuses on assessing and developing user-focused learning for on-demand, searchable answers to knowledge needs. He works with media-rich content to meet users’ needs for basic and continuous learning for measurable performance improvement using a center of excellence approach.