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EXPOB105 Exploring Qstream’s Microlearning & Knowledge Reinforcement Platform

2:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Wednesday, April 12

Series: Tools & Techniques

Qstream’s microlearning platform is scientifically proven to increase employee engagement, long-term knowledge retention, and proficiency. With scenario-based, mobile learning challenges, Qstream creates personalized and engaging learning experiences that are delivered to employees within their work day. Responses to learning challenges are displayed on real-time dashboards with analytics that show each learner’s proficiency and knowledge gaps so managers can provide further coaching to improve performance. Join this session to see a demo of Qstream’s modern microlearning platform.

Are you looking for a way to deliver your learners a quick, fun, and impactful learning experience? Qstream’s microlearning technology delivers just-in-time, scenario-based challenges to learners in the flow of work using a scientifically proven spaced learning and testing methodology. This form of learning delivery paired with gamification creates healthy competition that leads to increased engagement and knowledge retention. As a result, learners absorb material better and are enabled to truly apply their knowledge on the job. To ensure employees are performing at their best, Qstream provides real-time insights into each employee’s skills and knowledge gaps so managers can coach where and when it’s needed most. These insights help correlate learner proficiency to job performance and business impact. Attend this session to learn how Qstream’s microlearning platform increases your employees engagement, knowledge retention, and performance.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to integrate microlearning with other learning tools to create an engaging learning experience in the flow of work
  • How to increase proficiency and knowledge retention that translates into better employee performance
  • How to use real-time analytics and dashboards on learners’ proficiency and skill gaps with coaching tools to develop employees accurately

Technology discussed:

Qstream’s microlearning platform

Bret Kramer

VP Sales & Customer Success


Bret Kramer, vice president of sales and customer success at Qstream, leads the company’s sales team and ensures its customers are deriving business value from its microlearning platform. Before Qstream, Kramer was the director of revenue at WNDYR, a consulting firm specializing in digital transformation. Before that, Kramer spent 15 years selling and deploying software development tools with Rational Software (acquired by IBM), and for the past 12 years worked in sales management roles for SaaS organizations. Kramer graduated from Purdue University with a BS in computer, electrical engineering, and from Southern Methodist University with an MS in engineering management.