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210 Facilitating Hybrid Events: 5 Practical Tips for Success

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Wednesday, April 20

Tracks: Virtual Classrooms

As organizations around the globe navigate their return-to-office plans, many will continue to allow remote work. This creates the opportunity for hybrid events (meetings and/or training classes with a mixture of in-person and remote attendees). At the same time, it creates a challenge for facilitators who need to address and engage both audiences simultaneously. There needs to be a guide for how to do this successfully.

In this session, you’ll learn how to effectively set up and show up for a successful hybrid event. You’ll explore how to create a sense of shared experience among audiences joining from different locations. You’ll learn how to lead group discussions that allow all participants to feel included and heard. You’ll also see various technology tools that can help you and your audiences build trust and communicate clearly. You will walk away with five practical techniques that you can immediately use in your next hybrid event. More specifically, you’ll learn how to establish group norms and determine roles & responsibilities among audience members. You’ll see the importance of clear audio and video, and learn why its important to set guidelines for video use. You’ll also hear proven tips on camera placement for optimum viewing, and where to look while facilitating (including when there are multiple cameras available!) You’ll learn (and practice) how to ask questions in ways that include both remote and in-person audiences, and ensures everyone’s voice is heard. And you’ll get to see examples of high-quality hybrid meetings and learning events, along with the technology tools that made them successful. You’ll leave with a “hybrid event checklist” that equips you and reminds you of the five key techniques.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to set up hybrid events for success
  • How to create a sense of shared experience despite location differences
  • How to manage robust discussions that include both in-person and remote attendees
  • How to use technology tools to include everyone

Technology discussed:

Virtual classroom platforms (I’ll use Zoom, but also address MS Teams, WebEx, and other common virtual classroom  platforms), Mural, Mentimeter, Otter.ai, AI features available in common webcam software (OBS/Ecamm/Youcam/Mmmmhmmm)

Cindy Huggett

Principal Consultant

Cindy Huggett Consulting

Cindy Huggett, the principal consultant at Cindy Huggett Consulting, is a speaker, instructional designer, classroom facilitator, and author who specializes in technology, leadership, and learning. Cindy has published three books on virtual training: Virtual Training Tools and Templates: An Action Guide to Live Online Learning (2017), The Virtual Training Guidebook: How to Design, Deliver, and Implement Live Online Learning (2014), and Virtual Training Basics, 2nd ed. (2018). She helps organizations and training professionals move to the virtual classroom. Cindy is a past member of the ATD National Board of Directors and was one of the first to earn the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) designation.