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208 Gamification in Learning: Lessons from Drive-thru Gamified Training

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Wednesday, April 12

Tracks: Games & Gamification

Learn how gamification can effectively resolve the problems of low employee engagement, performance, productivity, motivation, and exposure to real-life scenarios, and overcome the challenge of achieving better learning and training results. Join us as we take a look at the success study of a fast-food chain that used scenario-based gamified training with real-life experiences to train their drive-thru workforce. We’ll discuss how gamification helped the chain overcome the challenges of high training cost—implementing more engaging and effective training, enabling faster learning with exposure to similar-to-life experiences, providing “WOW” guest service, and training the staff to handle difficult situations using the H.E.A.T model.

In this session we’ll touch upon certain misconceptions that hold back businesses from implementing gamification and look at how this program/game takes the learner through each section where there are three different drive-thru service responsibilities. Then, the knowledge can be applied in a two-level gaming environment. This game has helped customers improve the quality of their services at drive-thru counters after the program launch. We’ll show in detail the exceptional results achieved by the fast-food chain for their drive-thru staff.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to build a gamification strategy
  • How to design gamification with the right game mechanics
  • How a gamification learning strategy can help improve employee engagement and achieve business outcomes
  • The benefits and challenges of implementing gamification
  • Tools required to develop gamified content

Poonam Jaypuriya

Vice President, eLearning

Harbinger Group

Poonam Jaypuriya is a seasoned eLearning solutions and education technology expert, with over 18 years of experience in eLearning design and development, program management, and product evangelism. She started her career as a programmer and joined the products division of Harbinger Group. She worked on multiple eLearning products, from ideation to product launch. Her responsibilities included everything from product design, engineering, and management to leading product marketing. She heads Harbinger Interactive Learning and is part of the core team managing sales planning, strategy, and learning solution design.