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501 Getting on the Same Page: Relationship Management in Instructional Design

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM
Thursday, April 21

Tracks: Instructional Design

While you may believe that a carefully planned and resourced instructional design project will work like a well-oiled machine, the truth is that people are variables rather than constants. How many times have you experienced scope creep in your projects due to unmanaged expectations of key stakeholders? Have you seen timelines derailed due to people not being on the same page as you? Have you seen projects coming to a complete stop because of broken communication? Did you know that instructional design is a very political discipline, whether you are a project lead or an individual contributor, and stakeholder relationship management is critical to ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the agreed-upon scope?

In this session, you will explore an approach to stakeholder relationship management in instructional design projects that will ensure on-time, within budget, and agreed-upon scope completion. First, you will hear about three instructional design projects on the verge of failure due to critical errors and omissions in stakeholder relationship management. You will hear what went wrong and listen to the lessons learned on the road to project recovery. At the core of this presentation, you will learn about principles of stakeholder relationship management and how they can be applied to different projects. You will learn to map out the individuals and collectives directly or indirectly involved in your project. You will learn how to communicate with them and progressively build rapport. Then, you will devise a strategy to educate them, gain their support, and deal with conflict when it inevitably arises. Finally, you will explore the intersection between stakeholder relationships and project management in instructional design. You will learn to anticipate and mitigate risks at the outset and what to do if you’re midway through the project and need to go on damage control and recovery mode.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why stakeholders are almost never on the same page as each another
  • Why stakeholder relationship management is critical for project success
  • About principles of stakeholder relationship management
  • Stakeholder mapping for your instructional design project
  • How to communicate with stakeholders, build rapport, and gain their support
  • How to use your stakeholder research to inform your conflict management approach
  • How to anticipate and mitigate risks related to stakeholder relationship management

Technology discussed:

Stakeholder relationship management tools, project management tools

Juan Mavo-Navarro

Instructional Designer & Learning Architect

Juan Mavo-Navarro

Throughout the past 20 years, Juan Mavo-Navarro has honed his expertise and passion for learning through a breadth of public and private sector positions in learning design. Drawing on his experience as an instructional designer, trainer, lecturer, and university professor, Juan has developed a holistic approach to engagement in teaching and learning, which he applies in his professional practice. He designs and develops interactive education programs and works closely with instructors and trainers throughout the course lifecycle, from content development to facilitation techniques and strategies for online, remote delivery, and in-class instruction.