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EXPOC203 How to Develop a Culture of On-the-Job Learning Powered By Your Workforce

12:00 PM - 12:30 PM
Thursday, April 13

Series: Innovations & Strategies

Many companies today do not have a place to store “informal” knowledge. Other challenges include not being able to tackle on-the-job learning with traditional learning solutions., and the struggle to foster a culture of continuous learning. In this session you will learn how to effectively leverage the expertise you already have in your organization by providing employees with the tools they need to share knowledge with their peers. We will also discuss why on-the-job knowledge is not typically covered by traditional learning solutions, and the gaps it creates within the company. Finally, we will explore how to maximize productivity by using the right engagement and social tools, making the content relevant and up-to-date for your entire workforce.

In this session you will learn:

  • Why employees are the most valuable source of information in your company
  • Why it is imperative to centralize informal knowledge, not only formal
  • Why content curation is needed for a relevant learning experience
  • Social features can be used to engage employees and maximize productivity
  • That learning goes beyond mandatory trainings. There are a variety of learning experiences that can help employees grow in their careers and become more productive in their roles

Technology discussed:

Avature Learning Solution

David Pumpelly

SVP North America


David Pumpelly is a champion of technology integration and innovation in HR and recruiting. From his two-decade career spanning from technology consulting with Accenture to president and chief HR strategist of a regional healthcare company, David is positioned to offer credible insight on the next generation of HR. As VP of enterprise talent solutions at Avature, he regularly consults with and serves clients such as Walmart, Apple, Accenture, and Delta Air Lines, as well as several emerging healthcare, financial services, and RPO companies. He received his bachelor of science in business/computer science from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.