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711 How to Develop Quality Training with Limited Resources

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Thursday, April 13

Tracks: Development & Tools

Too often trainers, IDs, and project managers go to professional development workshops to learn how to improve their practice—and leave feeling like the session was great but not practical, given their limited resources. There are also the training teams that may have one or two people doing all of the tasks of a trainer, project manager, and evaluator and who need to know a little of everything. Many in the training field work in resource-limited settings such as grant-funded projects, and are still expected to create quality training with the resources at their disposal.  

This session will cover how to effectively plan, execute, and evaluate training using a variety of free tools—training that meets the needs of the learners and is feasible in a resource-limited setting.  In this session, you will learn about free tools that will help you with project management, training development and execution, and training evaluation plans. You will also become familiar with the skillset needed to effectively handle each part of this trifecta and get a chance to review a case study where this is put into action. Finally, you will get the chance to practice these skills using different case scenarios. You will leave this session feeling like you can effectively manage, deliver, and evaluate your project while using free tools and your own expertise—all within a resource-limited setting. You will be able to identify free tools to use to help you plan, deliver, and evaluate a training and develop a project management plan that includes all critical components using these tools.

In this session you will learn:

  • Where to find free tools to support your project management, training, and evaluation plans
  • How to develop a project management plan that includes all critical components using the free tools
  • How to develop a training implementation plan that utilizes free tools
  • How to an create evaluation plan that utilizes free tools

Technology discussed:

Canvas, Mentimeter, Asana, Zoom, Microsoft Teams

Briana Jones

Training Coordinator

North Florida AIDS Education Training Center

Briana Jones is a training coordinator at the North Florida AIDS Education Training Center. She received her bachelor’s degree in animal sciences and has worked in a variety of industries related to training and education. She is passionate about delivering competency based education training services that are practical to the end user.

Stefani Nixon

Training Coordinator

Southeastern National TB Center

Stefani is a Training and Education Specialist working at the Southeastern National Tuberculosis Center located at the University of Florida. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Health Education and Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Florida and is pursuing a doctoral degree in Public Health from the University of South Florida. Stefani is interested in social determinants of health, health disparities and cultural competency and humility within the health sector. She is also interested in the development and evaluation of educational programs and the use of evaluation for continuous improvement.