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413 How to Make Your Virtual Classroom Sessions Work and Keep Learners Engaged

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM
Thursday, April 13

Tracks: Virtual Classrooms

Series: Instructional Design Summit

With the onset of COVID, organizations had to shift part of their learning strategy to a virtual environment. With the increased use of virtual classrooms, several challenges were exposed in the learning environment. For instance, technological weaknesses such as inconsistent internet, software bugs, and hardware insufficiencies were exposed. Additionally, students learn from each other and create a community in a traditional classroom setting. This sense of community is lacking in a virtual environment. Another challenge is the responsibility of learners to minimize distraction and maintain focus and learn, especially if the content being presented does not fit individual learning styles. With the correct strategies, all these challenges can be eliminated to provide for an effective learning environment in a virtual classroom.

In this session you will learn how to conduct an engaging virtual classroom session maximizing learner participation. You will learn measures to take to overcome technological inconsistencies that can hamper your virtual classroom learning process and prevent learners from feeling discouraged. You will also learn three types of activities that can be incorporated into your virtual classroom that fosters interaction among learners. We’ll explore strategies to ensure an engaged virtual classroom such as targeted video clips, gamification, virtual tours, webcamification, social mediation, and cutting-edge tools. You will also get tricks and tips on how to vary content format to match learner types. Finally, you’ll explore the use of search engines to enhance the learner experience in the virtual classroom. You will leave this session with tools and strategies to enhance your next virtual classroom session that will leave your students satisfied that they did not waste another hour or two in a boring, talking-head virtual classroom session.

In this session you will learn:

  • Why a  shared plan of action can prevent potential technical issues from making your virtual classroom a nightmare
  • How activities such as targeted video clips, gamification, virtual tours, webcamification, social mediation, and online tools can address and prevent learner isolation and build a learner community
  • How to use varying content types like activities and discussions
  • How to use collaborative tools such as whiteboards, quick polls, interactive quizzes, and search engines to keep learners engaged

Technology discussed:

Easel.ly, Infogram, Wordle, Bubblr, DoppleMe, JeopardyLabs, Poll Everwhere, Slido, Pixaby

Carole Peterson


Maango Media

Dr. Carole Peterson is a digital learning solutions designer, consultant, and content strategist with wide-ranging experience developing, implementing, and overseeing instructor-led and eLearning development initiatives. She is enthusiastic about the potential of continuous learning to spark innovation and productivity in organizations, as well as drive effective change. Dr. Peterson has managed content and learning development programs for international and nonprofit organizations, as well as the federal government and private companies. She is also a co-founder of Maango Media.