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806 Recession Proofing Learning and Development: Gaining Executive Confidence

8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
Friday, April 14

Tracks: Management & Strategy

As our nation enters a recession, many organizations adopt austerity measures. For learning and development (L&D) professionals these words send chills down our spines. Our departments and efforts are first to be cut. Why? Because the value proposition of L&D is not clear to the executive decision makers.  Join Dr. Barss as she walks you through 3 ways to gain C-suite confidence in learning and development activities. One tool she has found to be super successful in gaining a seat at the C-suite table is the Hoshin Kanri, or Lean Strategy Deployment Matrix. It is a tool that aligns strategic initiatives to culture values to KPIs/OKRs helping organizations prioritize their resources and optimize their outcomes.

In this session you will learn…

  • The 3 ways can be immediately implemented and require no special software.
  • How to speak to what executives are seeking to validate learning and development expenditures as strategic investments,
  • How to apply the lean concept of Hoshin Kanri (Strategy Deployment Matrix) to align L&D to their business’s book of business,
  • How to quantify ROI for learning and organizational development interventions,
  • Explore real-world uses of the Lean Strategy Deployment Matrix

Christina Barss

Lead Transformation Expert

Allen Interactions

Dr. Christina Barss, is Allen Interactions’ ultimate problem solver! With a Ph.D. in sustainable systems design and 20 years of experience in multiple industries, she’s a subject matter expert in transformational change. She combines her practical, academic, and artistic skills to craft custom solutions that boost engagement, improve performance, and transform the bottom line. Whether it’s working with interprofessional teams in transition or leading enterprise-level initiatives, she brings out the best in people, from the C-suite to the front line. With her passion for design thinking, change management, and corporate learning, she’s a dynamic speaker and coach, sharing her insights and wisdom both nationally and internationally.