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506 Identifying, Selecting & Integrating Learning Technology

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM
Thursday, April 21

Tracks: Data & Platforms

We constantly hear about new learning tech. Where do you start? What is an ecosystem? Why do you need one?  How do you integrate and implement a new platform or product? This session will start by identifying the problem and selecting the right products and vendors, then walk you through a successful implementation. This short talk will help you cut to the chase and use an Agile process to bring the best solutions to your company.

In this session, you will learn to break down the steps in selecting and implementing a new learning technology solution. Using dozens of implementations and learning ecosystem selections as examples, you will learn how to make the right choices and use tried-and-true processes. We will start with a simple framework of four options for learning ecosystems. Together we will position each and suggest solutions for each. You’ll learn tips and tricks to smooth the selection process. You will leave the session with lists of sample questions, a matrix for selection criteria, and an evaluation process. Next, we will talk about implementing the solution. We will list the four critical areas of a digital learning strategy, break down workstreams and integrations, and provide a template for a project plan that we have used successfully. We will end with a few guidelines that help drive engagement. Our simple guide to adding tech to your learning ecosystem will wrap up with discussion of tools and guides.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to identify and select the right learning tech for your ecosystem
  • How to implement new learning tech into an ecosystem
  • Tips and tricks for selecting vendors and managing an Agile implementation framework for learning tech
  • Sample project plans for implementation

Technology discussed:

LMS, LXP, LCMS, TMS, collaborative platforms, content vendors, DAP, LRS

JD Dillon

Chief Learning Architect


JD Dillon became a learning and enablement expert over two decades ago working in operations and talent development with dynamic organizations including Disney, Kaplan, and AMC. A respected author and speaker in the workplace learning community, JD continues to apply his passion for helping people around the world do their best work every day in his role as Axonify’s chief learning architect. JD is also the founder of LearnGeek, a workplace learning insights and advisory group.