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904 ‘Jobs to be Done’ for Empathy That Matters for Learning eXperience Design

8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
Friday, April 22

Tracks: Instructional Design

As a learning (eXperience) designer, you might use different approaches to apply empathy so you are able to better understand the users (learners) that you are designing for. The most commonly used methods, like personas and empathy maps, often lead to very general results. It would be nice to have a more focussed approach. Jobs to be Done is such an approach, as it helps to focus empathy on the job the learner is trying to achieve. It does so on four levels: the functional job to be done, the emotional, the social, and supply-chain job to be done.

In this session you’ll learn the Jobs to be Done approach so that you can focus your empathy on things that really matter for the learners you design for. You’ll learn the origins of Jobs to be Done (JTBD), and the four kinds of JTBD. We will thoroughly explore the differences, value, and connections of these four kinds of JTBD, with examples from different industries. We will share real-world examples and you’ll apply them to your own project(s), sharing with others and giving/getting feedback. You’ll learn how to write ‘job-statements’ applying the format. You’ll learn additional techniques, like ‘contextual clarifiers’ so you can gather the most relevant information when applying JTBD. You’ll learn how to translate JTBD statements into design features. Finally, you’ll compare JTBD to empathy maps and personas, and learn when and how to use one or the other.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The principles of Jobs to be Done
  • Why JTBD is called ’empathy on steroids’
  • The four interrelated kinds of JTBD
  • How to write ‘job statements’
  • How to extract design features from JTBD
  • How JTBD relates to empathy maps and personas

Technology discussed:

JTBD, aNewSpring, Memotrainer

Roy de Vries

Customer Success Manager


Roy de Vries is customer success manager at aNewSpring, a learning platform for training providers. He assists clients with the implementation of the platform and provides them with didactical expertise. Roy holds an MSc in educational sciences and is experienced in instructional design. He has developed several online and blended learning programs. His passion is to co-create successful training programs and to innovate in the field of online learning.

Ger Driesen

Learning Innovation Leader


Ger Driesen is a learning innovation leader at aNewSpring, the learner experience platform for training providers. He connects people, ideas, and inspiration in the global L&D community. Ger has held a variety of L&D roles: L&D consultant, trainer/facilitator, L&D manager, and entrepreneur. He’s known as a “Dutch L&D trendcatcher” based on his articles, blogs, and tweets, and he is a regular speaker at international conferences.