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EXPOC105 Learning Trends to Know, Adopt + Grow Your Skills

2:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Wednesday, April 12

Series: Innovations & Strategies

With the constant technological change, we need to understand what is possible and how to determine what fits our audience. With all the buzz and solutions, let’s break down the trends and understand practical ways to create a roadmap.

In this jam session, we will take an in-depth look at trends with simple to inexpensive tools and technologies that can help you jump forward in crafting amazing learning experiences. We’ll dissect, show examples and provide practical resources you can apply to grow and integrate into your solutions. This fun session will give you dozens of ideas and reboot your brain with fresh perspectives on enhancing your learning today.

In this session you will learn:

  • Trends you should be focused on with examples, ideas, and resources to spark creativity.
  • How to use the next gen of tools to collaborate, brainstorm, and gather feedback.
  • New technologies that can be utilized to design the next generation of your ecosystem.
  • New apps and technology that you can start to explore and use on your next project.
  • How to rethink and create a road map for your next course, app, or learning platform.
  • Dozens of resources, tools, and apps to learn, play, and explore to enhance your learning development process.

Technology discussed:

  • Gamification techniques and tools
  • AWS Recommendation Engine
  • Getting Started with AR + VR Tools and Resources
  • Designing Experiences from Sketching to Prototypes with Adobe XD
  • Using Miro to Collaborate, Brainstorm and Get Productive

Sponsored by:


Nick Floro

Learning Architect/Imagineer

Sealworks Interactive Studios

Nick Floro, a co-founder and learning architect at Sealworks Interactive Studios, has over 25 years of experience developing learning solutions, applications, and web platforms. Nick is passionate about how design and technology can enhance learning and loves to share his knowledge and experience to teach, inspire and motivate. As a learning architect, Nick gets to sketch, imagine, and prototype for each challenge. He has worked with start-ups to Fortune 500 companies to help them understand the technology and develop innovative solutions to support their audiences. Nick has won numerous awards from Apple and organizations for productions and services, and has been able to reach over a million users with his latest project, which helps students in grades 2-12 learn how to think and write an essay critically.