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905 Learning Visualized, Creative Uses of Infographics for Better Engagement

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Friday, April 14

Tracks: Development & Tools

The challenge of achieving and maintaining learner engagement can be a real struggle. When content is presented in flat, 2-D slide decks, learning is often not fully realized. For decades we have been trying new techniques and strategies to get learners excited and more engaged during presentations. When we try something new and different, there is a good chance the learner will respond with delight, not disappointment. So, what if there were some innovative ways to use an infographic to gain learners attention and focus?

In this session you will be given unique ways to use Infographics to engage learners when presenting information. You will explore various types of infographics while also looking at the major parts of an infographic such as the visual, the content, and the knowledge. You will also be shown different ways infographics can be used as icebreakers before a presentation. Finally, you will find out how to brainstorm good infographic ideas.

In this session you will learn:

  • How the use of infographics can keep your learners/audience engaged
  • What elements you need for a good infographic
  • Why infographics are a fun, creative tool used for icebreakers
  • When to use each type of infographic, the attributes of each format, and best practices

Technology discussed:

Graphic design tools

Leigh Ann Morgan

Instructional Designer

Greene Tweed

Leigh Ann Morgan is a corporate instructional designer with a master’s degree in instructional design and technology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She designs with intention, by thoroughly assessing clients’ needs and constructing impactful eLearning that will develop skills and inspire better performance and growth. Leigh Ann believes instructional design is both a science and a form of art. With a sound understanding of various design methods, theories, and technical skill, she takes the learner on a journey that is focused, fulfilling, and fun.