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612 BYOD: Mapping Your Ecosystem: Uniting Content and Data Across Multiple Systems

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Thursday, April 21

Tracks: Management & Strategy

The future is not what the learning and development industry’s crystal ball predicted years ago. Many believed that organizations would adopt one learning platform to fulfill all their training needs. Fast forward to today: This isn’t the case at all. The reality is that most organizations have disparate learning management systems and platforms implemented across their departments. Each department has different priorities and needs specific tools designed for those unique requirements. The result is a disjointed training approach across the organization. This presents a new and daunting challenge: Connecting the various systems and data in a way that’s usable at scale, across geographies, and by both internal and external audiences.

By establishing a modern, interconnected learning infrastructure, an entire organization can track training, regardless of the learner’s environment. The ability to respond to these new and emerging needs is dependent on a thorough understanding of what types of systems the organization uses and the problems being solved through the use of multiple learning systems. This session will explore the complexities of eLearning ecosystems, such as how tools work with one another (or don’t) and how to centralize your content and systems. We will discuss ways to manage the wide variety of inputs and outputs from each tool. A hands-on exercise will help you identify the technical considerations in managing multiple systems and the strategies, technologies, and tools available for connecting your organization’s content and data. You will share your responses in small groups and have access to a worksheet to help you inventory your ecosystem and know what questions to ask vendors when acquiring new tools.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What tools and systems are most commonly used in ecosystems today
  • How to identify the technical considerations in managing multiple systems
  • What strategies, technologies, and tools are available for connecting content and data
  • How to inventory your ecosystem and know what questions to ask vendors when acquiring new tools

Technology discussed:

eLearning standards (SCORM, xAPI, cmi5, LTI and AICC), LMS, LXP, LRS, authoring tools, learning data analytics, learning ecosystems

Chris Tompkins

Director of Sales

Rustici Software

Chris Tompkins is the director of sales for Rustici Software, a company that provides software to improve compatibility across the L&D ecosystem. He is an expert in the standards (like SCORM and xAPI) and uses his technical expertise to support eLearning RFP and procurement. Chris has an MBA from Belmont University, focused on entrepreneurship and negotiations. Building on previous work at HP/Compaq and XM Satellite Radio, he has over 15 years of experience matching the right technical solution to a client’s needs.