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113 Maximizing Microlearning

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM
Wednesday, April 12

Tracks: Micro & Workflow Learning

Microlearning seems like a simple concept to incorporate into the organization’s learning ecosystem, but oftentimes it fails. Challenges range from lack of equal comprehension of what microlearning is and can do to the skills of the L&D team not aligning, as well as how microlearning campaigns are created and products designed. These are critical considerations, especially if your organization is interested in leveraging microlearning for performance-based initiatives. When developing microlearning with a performance purpose, more upfront time is needed for considering the whole of the solution with respect to evaluation and implementation. Of course, this is what can make it challenging to integrate. However, much like microlearning, you don’t have to pepper performance throughout the organization in a big way. It can start out micro, too! This session will focus on providing perspective on this methodology and contextualizing the possibilities of its use for your organization.

In this session you will learn:

  • To discern characteristics of microlearning
  • How to recognize challenges to incorporating microlearning
  • To determine skills necessary for creating microlearning
  • How to identify opportunities for incorporating microlearning

Robyn Defelice

Learning Strategist/Consultant/Author


Robyn A. Defelice, PhD, is a consultant, author, and presenter with over 20 years in the L&D field. She is the co-author of Microlearning: Short and Sweet and has been researching How Long Does it Take to Develop Training for over a decade. Robyn’s passion comes from working with L&D leadership and teams to get them to the decision-making table. She strives to empower L&D professionals using her adventures in meeting client challenges, from corporate to manufacturing, government to higher education, and non-profits to startups.