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EXPOA106 Measure What Matters: Education Initiatives That Drive Business Outcomes

3:00 PM - 3:45 PM
Wednesday, April 20

Tracks: Management & Strategy

Series: EXPOA

Most companies are great at selling outcomes but not so great at teaching customers how to achieve those outcomes. Yet the data shows that formalized education leads directly to significant improvements in product utilization, support costs, and renewals. So why don’t most companies center customer and partner experiences around education? It may be because they assume that it’s too hard to connect the consumption of content to business results.

Measure what matters! When you know what to measure, you can engineer an education initiative that actually moves the needle against big picture objectives like retention and revenue.

Technology addressed:

Intellum Platform

Greg Rose

Chief Experience Officer


For the last 25 years, Greg Rose has helped a wide range of companies drive revenue and growth. As the chief experience officer at Intellum, Greg oversees prospect, customer, partner, employee, and the learning industry’s interactions with the Intellum brand. His goal is to help clients turn acceptable employee, partner, and customer learning initiatives into exceptional learning experiences.