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1008 Playful Design Is Serious Business

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Friday, April 22

Tracks: Games & Gamification

Are games and gamification in reality serious learning? Games are often talked about as if they were a relief from serious learning. But in this make-believe world of games, we are in charge, making decisions as we assess risk to master a range of challenges. The most important educational purpose of gamification is to create a fun and engaging experience that promotes task or concept mastery. Play helps create new connections between neurons and between different parts of the brain. Do we in fact have a neurological imperative to allow our learners to play?

For the adult learner there are compelling reasons why we gravitate to learning experiences that are fun and playful. The element of fun often helps to reduce what in other circumstances might be perceived as threatening and gives learners the opportunity to experiment with rules, emotions, and social roles. They get to make mistakes, get immediate feedback, and try alternatives. Learn how you can use gamification to help learners not only feel better while engaged in your learning experiences, but you’ll also encourage creativity, expand their brains (literally), and help them better survive their complex world. In a world continuously presenting unique and ever-changing problems, play prepares us to better understand the opportunities and challenges in the world around us.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Simple strategies to inspire curiosity and encourage experimentation in your learners
  • How to incorporate play to deal with difficulties, promote mastery of skills, and provide a sense of purpose
  • How to create a game-like environment with built in feedback loops
  • The importance of trial and error and permission to fail
  • The importance of players making mistakes

Technology discussed:

Gamification, game based learning, topia.io

Monica Cornetti



Unlike other gamification practitioners, speakers, and consultants, Monica Cornetti has focused intensively on the latest immersive engagement techniques and the latest research in the adult education, corporate training, and talent development fields. A gamification speaker and designer, Monica was recognized as #1 in the Most Influential Women in Gamification who have created a legitimate impact in the gamification industry. At the intersection of learning and play, she is leading a team of trusted, cutting-edge curriculum designers and developers to improve the performance of individuals and organizations across the globe.