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305 Screencans and Screencan’ts: Effectively Creating Screencasts

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Wednesday, April 20

Tracks: Video & Media

In this session we’re addressing the unique challenges that come from creating instructional screencasts. While they are related to video, they have their own unique challenges. Newer and even some intermediate trainers and instructional designers probably wonder when it makes sense to make a screencast. They also probably aren’t sure of the recommended process, having questions like: Do I record audio first, during, or after? What size of screen do I record? What do I do with my mouse? Do I edit it the same as other videos? Should I use effects, and if so, which ones? How do I share this? This session will take an interactive approach to helping attendees answer these questions and more.  

Guided by the attendees, we will go through the workflow of planning and recording a screencast video. As we build a video together, we’ll cover best practices and actionable advice to help you get started, talk about the questions you must ask, and to help you create processes and strategies that will help you make impactful instructional screencasts more effectively, regardless of the tool you’re using. Finally, we’ll break down a workflow and process order that will help you make sure you’re editing in an order that minimizes unnecessary efforts. You’ll leave this session with techniques and ideas to help you immediately start making impactful screencast videos. At the end of this session we may not have created a fully baked, ready-to-share screencast, but we will have answered a ton of questions, and allowed attendees to engage in the creation process together.

In this session, you will learn:

  • When screencast videos should and shouldn’t be used
  • The five stages of planning: conceptual, preparation, recording, editing, and production, and key decisions that should be made during each
  • Common impediments and challenges to creating screencasts and how to overcome them
  • Tips and suggestions to improve efficiency and reduce errors in screencasting

Technology discussed:

Screencasts, videos

Matthew Pierce

Learning & Video Ambassador

TechSmith Corporation

Matthew Pierce is a video creator, podcast host, instructional designer, and loves to share his knowledge, experience, and expertise. As learning & video ambassador for TechSmith, he hosts The Visual Lounge podcast, leads the TechSmith Academy, and launched the Camtasia Certification program. He’s lead training, customer education, and has been in roles related to video and brand awareness. He is a regular speaker and contributor to learning and development, customer education, and marketing events and conferences.