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608 Storyboarding and Miro: Collaboration that Makes an Impact

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Thursday, April 21

Tracks: Development & Tools

With the new reality of virtual-only collaboration in many organizations, there are additional challenges to consider when collaborating on the discovery and development process of learning products. Being able to work as a team on the development of eLearning courses and get the input of stakeholders in a dynamic way can often be limited by your tools. Exercises done face-to-face in front of a whiteboard have been shifted online, which can result in increased opportunities for trouble around expanding scope, lack of definition, and miscommunication with stakeholders and within your team. All of this can expand timelines and generate additional work on the way to creating a finished product. You have heard of some online collaboration tools but are looking for the best; you seek hands-on experience with these collaboration tools.

In this session, you will learn how the online whiteboarding tool Miro, when used to create storyboards, addresses some of the biggest challenges of online-only collaboration. Storyboarding is a time-tested method for creating and mapping out eLearning courses and ensuring that everyone involved has visibility into what concepts, design, and delivery method the learning product will take. You will learn how Miro supports this process with the tools of shapes, color, templates, icons, images, links, collaborative comments, and a video chat function. You will explore examples of how these can be used in audience assessment, goal setting, and determining delivery method. In small groups, you will work on hands-on exercises that explore the process of using a free trial of Miro to collaborate in identifying and mapping key concepts to cover in a course by performing a brainstorming exercise using the tools of color, size, and grouping to show relationships between ideas. Your group will then take the concepts outlined in the brainstorming exercise and apply them to a custom storyboard template. In this process, you will practice using a template, deciding a progression of key topics, writing out a sample of text, and mapping out what will appear on the screen using images and icons. Finally, all groups will share their whiteboards so you can review others’ work, comment, and receive feedback from peersin this collaborative session. You will leave the session with an understanding of how storyboarding with Miro can increase visibility into the design process, enhance communication, and create meaningful learning products.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to develop a map of key concepts for eLearning using Miro
  • How to apply a storyboard template to key concepts
  • The key features and tools that make Miro helpful
  • How to work with others in a Miro board to share ideas
  • How to use Miro to share course development and review
  • How to use Miro to share course material for review and feedback

Technology discussed:

Miro, Rise, Storyline, vdeo, GIF

Brok Howard

Technical Account Manager


Brok Howard is a technical account manager at dRofus. He leads the effort in implementation, training, and customer service for North America. He is a registered architect with BIM Management experience. Brok has over 20 years of experience working in the AEC industry on both large and small projects and has spoken on BIM and data management at BIM Forum, CSI National Conventions, and to other regional and local organizations. His background teaching at Washington University in St. Louis and as a BIM Manager at HOK has prepared him to provide an advanced level of strategic training and implementation techniques.

Andrew McGuire

LX Designer


Andrew McGuire is a learning experience designer at dRofus, where he specializes in developing engaging content and tracking learner experiences. He has been working in eLearning development for the past five years. Before joining the world of eLearning, Andrew taught English at the college level for seven years. He has an MA in English composition from Northeastern Illinois University.