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EXPOC108 Supercharge Your LMS Experience

5:15 PM - 5:45 PM
Wednesday, April 12

Series: Innovations & Strategies

How do you get what you want and need from your existing learning management system without buying another technology platform? In this session, Bluewater Learning will demonstrate how our service-based solutions help you leverage what you have and make it work for your organization. Our custom solutions alleviate administrative burdens, enhance elevate learner engagement, and empower management to make sound and timely business decisions. In today’s business modern learning environment, LMS platforms are necessary, powerful, and valuable. But they can be complicated to administer, challenging to operate, and often frustrating or perplexing for learners to use. With these one-size-fits-all platforms, it’s difficult to personalize the learner and manager experience.

This session will walk through three Bluewater Learning integrated service-based solutions: Bluewater Managed LMS services, Custom Learning Journey Maps, and Compliance Dashboards. Each is designed to complement your LMS and solve business learning challenges in three areas: LMS administration, learner engagement and completion attrition, and data reporting access.

In this session you will learn:

  • Why you don’t need to buy more SaaS solutions technology
  • How to leverage and enhance your existing tech stack to work for you
  • How you can get the custom solution you want in your existing LMS

Technology discussed:

LMS platforms

Chris Bond


Bluewater Learning

Chris Bond, CEO of Bluewater, has been transforming the learning and talent management field for over 20 years through his leadership, articles, speaking engagements, and consulting. Leveraging Chris’ insights into the long-term value of learning and talent investments and the impact of ensuring business alignment with the learning and talent processes, Bluewater has helped hundreds of companies identify and solve talent gaps, recognizing that licenses alone do not solve business problems. Chris launched Bluewater in 2003. He has been the guiding hand in Bluewater’s recognized ability to instill confidence, supply creative solutions, and deliver measurable business results to its clients.

Curt Swayne


Bluewater Interactive

Curt Swayne joined Bluewater in 2022 to lead the Bluewater Interactive team, which focuses on designing and developing custom learning content, custom platform integrations, and product solutions around integrations. Curt has more than 25 years of business leadership in selling, consulting, designing, producing, implementing, and integrating custom learning experiences. Curt is driven by the intersection of people, resources, technology, and learning.