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204 Using Prototypes to Design Global Learning Solutions

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Wednesday, April 12

Tracks: Instructional Design

Humans have terrible memories. We often describe things how we remember them rather than how they happened. It’s one reason why it’s difficult to trust the words of subject matter experts. We prefer to put more stock in actions instead of words. Prototyping allows us to bypass what people think so that we can go straight to what they do. It forces us to keep the learner at the center of the experience. Using this learner-centered method we’ve discovered that most organizations don’t have the resources to evaluate their training. Prototyping allows us to evaluate on the fly. Through prototyping we have discovered that feedback is often more valuable than ideas, we can put things in front of people and capture responses in real-time, and small changes are easier to make than wholesale changes later in the project. So, how can we apply a prototyping approach for global learning? 

In this session you’ll discover how rapid prototyping can be used to design, build, and launch effective learning programs. You’ll learn why prototyping works better than other methods more commonly used in the learning space (ADDIE, etc.). You’ll see examples of ways we use design thinking to formulate big ideas that we can test with learners. We’ll show you how their just-in-time reviews and feedback help us design better, more effective learning solutions. You’ll learn each step of the prototyping process. You’ll discover many of the benefits of this approach, including saving time, money, and resources. Finally, you’ll see an example of how prototyping helped lululemon identify the best way to deploy sales training to a global audience.

In this session you will learn:

  • Why prototyping is an effective method of validating learning solutions
  • How early assessment saves money, time, and resources in the long run
  • Different forms of prototyping you can leverage to test your courses
  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of your learning solutions before you implement them

Technology discussed:

Learning management systems (Docebo), communication platforms (Zipline)

Jacinta Corpuz

Manager, Learning Design


Jacinta Corpuz is a learning design manager at lululemon, with nearly a decade of experience in elevating performance through learning. She has designed leadership development, onboarding, and sales programs for global audiences in the finance and retail industry. Her background includes a career in clinical research and laboratory science. She holds certificates in ATD Instructional Design and Prosci Change Management.

Gregg Eiler

Manager, Learning Design


Gregg Eiler has more than 15 years’ experience designing and building learning solutions for some of the biggest brands. He manages a group of learning designers at lululemon and runs his own company helping organizations build learning strategies and hybrid solutions.