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207 Using VR to Build Empathy

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Wednesday, April 20

Tracks: AR & VR

While modern research shows that empathy is a learnable skill, teams struggle daily to “walk in the shoes” of their colleagues. AMP’s Perspectives VR experience literally allows individuals to sit in the space of another and experience bias, and feel how it might feel when your power is taken from you or your ideas invalidated not out of merit, but simply due to identity.

In this session, you’ll learn how to design impactful learning for VR through the examples of the Perspectives VR experience. You’ll walk away with key insights on the power of virtual reality for learning, it’s impact in facilitating behavior change, and learn best practices on how to build content in VR. You’ll get to watch the Perspectives VR experience, get an analysis on why it works, and learn how we used VR to teach empathy and perspective-taking. You’ll walk away with takeaways on how to build your first course in VR, what considerations you need to keep in mind, and understand why building learning in VR can be impactful to your bottom line. You’ll leave this session understanding a new modality and gain comfort and familiarity building content in VR.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why VR is a game-changing platform for behavior change training
  • What are the key benefits in using VR for learning and development, particularly when it comes to learning new skills
  • Best practices for building content in VR and what critical tenets to follow
  • About the Oculus headset and its power in immersive learning

Technology discussed:

Oculus Quest 2, PC casting/screen sharing across devices, Perspectives on Bias demo (Available on Oculus App Lab)

Samreen Aslam

Director of Learning Strategy

AMP Creative

As the director of learning strategy at AMP Creative, Samreen Aslam is responsible for driving the L&D strategy for both AMP Creative and the clients it serves. Her deep expertise in learning design and development coupled with change management work across different industries enables her to provide a thoughtful analysis of both the emergent opportunities as well as challenges facing a rapidly changing workspace and workforce. As a proponent and practitioner of human centered design, she skillfully weaves practical ideas and tips to situate change within the cultural context and aspirations of organizations and their people. She also finds time to lead upskilling work for economically marginalized families in a community setting.

Bowie Deshazo

Director of Innovation & Technology

AMP Creative

Bowie Deshazo is AMP Creative’s most frequent fielder of the question, “Hey, is it possible to (insert a technical challenge here)?” A lifelong investigator of how anything and everything works, Bowie studied production and new media at Rowan University. In his current role as director of innovation, he leads emerging technology projects. Bowie works with clients to facilitate creation of learning ecosystems through different forms of media including VR, AR, interactive multimedia, custom app development, interactive signage, and immersive video. His passion is collaborating with clients to bring value by developing and implementing new ways to interact with information.